Hidden culinary gems you’ll want to discover

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Take a culinary adventure into the delicious cuisine of the Indian Ocean with our guide to the best hidden foodie gems from across the region.

Port Louis market

Fresh ingredients galore at Port Louis market

Local cuisine is a great way to immerse yourself in the authentic flavours and culture of a destination so make sure you take time to explore the culinary delights available across the islands.


  • The Food Hall at Port Louis Market

Port Louis food market is a worthy destination in its own right with rows of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meat from around the island sold by and to locals. Plunge yourself into the hustle and bustle of Port Louis life and then visit the food hall for an alouda (a kind of Mauritian milkshake), cut fruit sprinkled with vinegar and chilli, samosas, fritters and delicious gateaux piments (chilli cakes) all served with a choice of chilli sauces and chutneys.

This is where the locals go to buy the best dholl puris (a hugely popular Mauritian street food of vegetable curry wrapped in flat bread), which pretty much says everything you need to know!

Culinary Festival Bernard Loiseau - ingredients

Nothing tastes quite as good as fresh local produce

Set off the beaten track in a renovated sugar mill, with paintings by the owner’s mother who studied under Matisse adorning every wall (and even the plates) this is a truly unique and memorable fine dining experience. The food is world class but the welcome you receive is a hundred per cent Mauritian, in fact the owner is so friendly you’ll come for lunch and want to stay for dinner.


  • Bazar Labrin, Beau Vallon Beach

Every Wednesday afternoon (from 4pm – 8.30pm) and the last Saturday of every month this vibrant street market pops up beside the beautiful Beau Vallon beach. With live music and locals meeting and shopping for everything from fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and local arts and crafts this is a great place to try out some of the delicious Creole street food of Seychelles. Everything from freshly grilled fish to banana St Jacques fritters and mango salad are available from a range of stalls here.

Real authentic spices from Mauritius to you.

Real authentic spices from Mauritius to you.

  • Marie-Antoinette, Victoria, Mahé 

If you’re looking for an authentic Seychellois Creole dining experience then there’s nowhere better than Marie-Antoinette Restaurant. Set in a colonial mansion, which was declared a national monument back in 2011 because it remains largely unchanged since the 19th Century, the owners pride themselves on serving traditional Creole comfort food in a traditional Creole atmosphere. If you’re feeling brave you can even try Seychellois favourite bat curry.

  • Lai Lam Food Shop, Benezet Street, Victoria

This is fast food Seychelles style so don’t expect burgers or chicken nuggets, instead queue up alongside the people of Victoria (it’s always busy) for quick Creole curries, roast chicken and rotis. The perfect place to grab a bite to eat after a morning in Victoria market.


Taste the finest fish and meat produce

Taste the finest fish and meat produce

Set in an old ganduvaru or nobleman’s house near the port, the Royal Garden Café may have a grand interior but the vibe is friendly local food served with a smile. Tables in the pretty shaded courtyard are recommended although on a particularly hot day the cool, air-conditioned interior decked out in dark traditional wood is definitely inviting.


Authentic Madagascan cuisine is given a fine-dining twist at this beautiful eatery set in the shady hills above Antananarivo. Enjoy fresh, locally-sourced, organic dishes on the beautiful terrace with views over the city.

For more information, please visit the Festival Culinaire Bernard Loiseau website

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