Executive Chef brings fresh thinking to Constance Halaveli

Jahaz, Constance Halaveli Resort, Maldives
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Jordi Vila, the executive chef at Constance Halaveli, has taken the long journey round to the Maldives, working his way through some of the world’s most famous kitchens before arriving at this luxury outpost in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Executive Chef, Jordi Vila, brings his new menu to the Jahaz Restaurant

Executive Chef, Jordi Vila, brings his new menu to the Jahaz Restaurant

Thanks to stints in some of Europe’s leading Michelin-starred restaurants including the legendary El Bulli in Spain, the Barcelona-born chef has developed a love of the best quality ingredients prepared in fresh and exciting ways.

New ingredients, new menus

For the new menus at Halaveli, Jordi is injecting fresh ideas and fresh ingredients including white asparagus chawanmushi, Iberico chorizo, bulgur, spring onions and parmesan ganache.

One of his favourite ingredients is the Maldivian Yellowfin Tuna, which is delivered daily by the local fisherman Captain Abdullah.

The local favourite is given a fine-dining twist by Jordi to create dishes such as tuna tartar with gazpacho jelly, marinated tuna steak with coconut salsa and traditional Maldivian Gullah.

Healthy eating at Constance Halaveli

With the new menus Jordi is trying to enhance the healthy options offered to guests.

As well as the new U Spa menu with its emphasis on fresh ingredients, low calories, low saturated fats and healthy cooking methods, Jordi is incorporating these ideas into his general menus with dishes like:

• Wagyu beef carpaccio with sesame seeds and Yuzu dressing
• Grilled reef fish Balinese style with bok choy, green pepper and oyster sauce
• Maldivian fish curry with chapatti and steamed rice
• Raspberry sorbet with tamarillo coulis and dark chocolate.

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