Embracing Nature’s Splendour in the Seychelles

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The Seychelles: where sustainability intertwines with hospitality and luxury blends with thriving biodiversity. Located in the western Indian Ocean, our Seychelles destinations showcase an archipelago known for its stunning marine biodiversity and pristine beaches.

Boasting over 100 islands, 1,200 km of vast shoreline, and a marine area of 1.35 million square kilometres, Seychelles offers the ultimate paradise for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Step into a realm beyond imagination as Constance Lemuria and Constance Ephelia invite you to explore and immerse yourself in a travel experience that embodies untouched, raw beauty.

Mindful footprints

On our Seychelles resorts, bespoke guided tours are available for all to enjoy. Offering insightful information about various species, untouched habitats, and conservation efforts, our resort tours offer a chance to learn, appreciate, and understand the importance of preserving such vulnerable biodiversity. 

Recognised for being the home to a diverse array of wildlife and numerous endemic species, guests at Constance Lemuria and Constance Ephelia can find the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve on Praslin. Anse Georgette Beach, Cousin Island, and numerous other protected nature reserves are located in close proximity to the resorts.

These protected locations offer a glimpse into Seychelles’ rich ecological heritage and showcase the conservation efforts from ongoing initiatives. At Constance Lemuria, children can enjoy a free visit to the Vallee de Mai, where they can participate in recycling and planting activities, learning sessions at the botanical garden and feed the tortoises.

Embrace the best of both worlds

At Constance Ephelia we invite you to indulge in ultimate relaxation at the largest spa in the Indian Ocean – where traditional massages await to rejuvenate your body and soul. 

Whether you’re unwinding in the tranquil spa or embarking on adrenaline-fused adventures, every moment in the Seychelles promises unforgettable memories. For those seeking non-stop adventure, thrilling activities such as zip-lining, canoeing and climbing excursions are all available to experience free of charge.

 Responsible hospitality made luxury

Our commitment to maintaining the biodiversity in the hotspots we call home goes beyond amenities and guest experiences. As a Gold member of the Green Globe certification, at Constance Hotels & Resorts, our environmental leadership is integrated into everything we do. 

To safeguard the rich culture and heritage of the islands, our commitment lies in actively engaging with local communities and conserving the cultural, culinary, and artistic treasures found across our Indian Ocean destinations.

Some of our resort initiatives include recycling discarded glass and used towels, using coffee to enrich the soil and keep pests away, making our garden compost from food waste, engaging in projects with the local community, sourcing eco-friendly amenities and empowering local craftsmanship.

Educational excursions and unique wildlife

At our Seychelles resorts, guests are immersed in the magic and wonder of Seychelles’ natural treasures. 

Embark on a wildlife adventure like no other and witness the turtle nesting site, where Mr Robert Matombe awaits to share his knowledge of the nesting habits of Greenback Turtles. These majestic creatures, deeply entwined with Seychelles’ pristine beaches, symbolise our dedication to conservation. Grande Anse Kerlan at Constance Lemuria remains the number one beach on Praslin Island with a proper Turtle Conservation Programme. 

For some of our guests, an encounter with the Sheath-tailed Bat offers a rare glimpse into the world of this critically endangered species. And as night falls, witness large fruit bats, or ‘Flying Foxes,’ on our exclusive night safari at Constance Lemuria.

Marine life conservation

At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we dedicate our efforts to protecting the ecosystems, by creating a healthy ocean with abundant marine life.

Boasting a marine environment bursting with rich biodiversity and unique ecosystems, our commitment to marine conservation has meant our Seychelles resorts have maintained a sanctuary for protected marine life, including fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and other fascinating creatures. 

Overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay, visitors can indulge in beach bliss and exciting water activities in the vast expanse of the western Indian Ocean. Whether you are looking to relax on our famed beaches or explore the wonders of the underwater world through snorkelling and scuba diving, the Seychelles promises an adventure like no other.

Ready to dive into a world where protected nature comes alive? Join us at our Constance Lemuria and Constance Ephelia resorts and indulge in up to 35% discount. Secure your exclusive discount here!

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