Food of the Maldives: authentic home-cooking at Constance Moofushi

Manta, Constance Moofushi, Maldives
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Authentic home-cooked food can be a rich sensorial gateway into the cultures and traditions of a country.

Food of the Maldives: Hedhika

Food of the Maldives: Hedhika

So when we discovered that the mother of one of our staff cooked the best hedhika (a delicious finger food popular in Maldives) we asked her if she would make some for our guests at our weekly Management Cocktail.

Dhon Mariyabu, who lives on the neighbouring island of Himandhoo, was thrilled to be able to share her delicious parcels of onion, chilli, curry leaves, coconut, lime juice and tuna with our visitors.

Dhon makes three different kinds of hedhika: gulha which are round, mas roshi which are flat and circular and kavaabu which are dark and oval shaped.

The hedhika are made in Dhon’s kitchen at home on the day of the cocktail event and are then brought to Constance Moofushi by boat so that guests can enjoy this delicious treat fresh from Dhon’s oven.

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