The world’s best coral reefs at Tsarabanjina and Moofushi

world's best coral reefs
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The Telegraph has recommended Constance Tsarabanjina and Constance Moofushi as perfect places for divers to stay to discover some of the world’s best coral reefs.

The vibrant coral reefs of the Maldives

The vibrant coral reefs of the Maldives

Celebrating the Natural History Museum’s new exhibition, Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea, Telegraph Travel rounds up the world’s best dives for coral including Maldives’ South Ari Atoll and the waters around Nosy Be, Madagascar.

Divers Paradise

Recommending divers stay at Constance Moofushi, the Telegraph describes, ‘The dive sites around the South Ari Atoll feature plenty of thilas (underwater islands or towers) that are covered in soft corals. Himandhoo thila has red fans along with anemones and vibrantly coloured fish. Malhoss Blue Caves, meanwhile, is a dive site known for its overhanging clear blue soft corals.’

To explore the waters around Nosy Be, the Telegraph recommends staying at Constance Tsarabanjina with its great location for diving Madagascar’s northern coast. The article describes the, ‘deep and extraordinary’ coral to be found in the area. ‘As most of the reefs are deeper than 12 metres, they suffer less from sun bleaching than elsewhere in the world, and damage from fishing is limited as locals use only lines, rather than nets or explosives.’

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