Coral growth project at Constance Halaveli moves into second phase

Constance Halaveli, Maldives
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A dhoni shaped structure for the coral growth project

A dhoni shaped structure for the coral growth project

We at Constance Halaveli are excited to be moving into the second phase of our coral growth program, following the completion of the successful first phase.

So far, in partnership with Valmont and Water Solutions, we have planted more than 250 coral fragments in two locations in the lagoon and are thrilled to report they are thriving.

For the second phase of the project a structure shaped like a traditional dhoni boat will be planted with coral and submerged to attract marine life to an area in the lagoon which is currently without coral.

Once the project is completed these new areas of coral reef will attract new marine life and will become a major attraction for snorkellers. In the meantime we hope to get guests involved in the project so that they can learn more about the beautiful coral reefs we are growing here.

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