Constance Lémuria coral reef restoration project declared a huge success

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We are thrilled to report that our coral reef replanting project off the beach at Constance Lémuria has been declared a huge success by Nature Seychelles.

The replanting project run by Nature Seychelles and funded by USAID-UNDP, GEF and Constance Lémuria, was completed only three months ago but already the reef has been declared 100% healthy.

Restoration of the coral reef

Restoration of the coral reef

The success is hugely exciting as this was a pilot scheme involving the first large-scale active reef restoration using ‘coral gardening’ in the region.

The project involved growing healthy coral in a coral farm off Cousin Island and transplanting it to the reef at Petite Anse Kerlan which was damaged by the effects of El Niño.

A recent inspection of the reef by Nature Seychelles, headed up by Sarah Frias-Torres, found that the transplanted coral is thriving in its new environment.

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