Hiking in Mauritius: Best 4 trekking trails

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Explore a dramatic landscape hewn from volcanoes and softened by verdant nature with a trek through Mauritius’ mountainous interior.

Take a break from sunbathing and discover mountain hiking in Mauritius, exploring the stunning beauty of an island sculptured by nature into an array of mountainous peaks, waterfalls and tropical valleys, many of which are protected within national parks.

While Mauritius’ mountain ranges may not rival the towering heights of the world’s major mountain chains, their beauty is no less captivating. The three mountain ranges on Mauritius offer a variety of short and longer hikes, from easy to the more challenging. From the gentle slopes of the Moka range in the east, near the vibrant capital of Port Louis, to the rugged terrain of the Black River range in the south-west, and the scenic vistas of the Grand Port in the south-east, there’s a trail for every adventurer. 

Moka Range, Mauritius

Moka Range, Mauritius

With peaks ranging from 480m to 828m, many can be explored with a good map and some walking boots but some of the more challenging peaks will need a guide.

Here there’s our list of best hikes in Mauritius:

1. Le Pouce hiking trail

Despite being one of the tallest peaks on the island at 811m the walk up Le Pouce is one of the easiest hiking trails in Mauritius, making it perfect for those looking for spectacular views without too much difficulty. Situated in the Moka range it overlooks the capital Port Louis with 360º views around the island.

Details of the Le Pounce trail

  • DISTANCE: 2.3 kilometres 
  • ELEVATION: 370 meters  
  • TIME: 1h aprox 
  • DIFFICULTY: easy

If you want to find out more details or the map of the trail, click here! 

2. Lion Mountain hiking trail in Mauritius

For those looking for more of a challenge Lion Mountain in the south east, named because locals thought the mountain resembled the creature, is only 480m but is a longer, slightly more difficult hike. The half-day trek is well worth it for the stunning views of the lagoon when you reach the summit.

Details of the Lion Mountain trail

  • DISTANCE: 5 kilometres 
  • ELEVATION: 480meters    
  • TIME: 2-3 hours 
  • DIFFICULTY: moderate to hard 

 If you want to find out more details or the map of the trail, click here! 

3. Black River Peak hiking trail

Surprisingly the highest peak on the island at 828m is also considered one of the easiest hikes in Mauritius and one of the most scenic. Most of the walk is along a ridge through beautiful endemic trees and plants with a stunning view across the island and the west coast from the summit.

Details of the Black River Peak hiking trail 

  • DISTANCE: 6.2 kilometres 
  • ELEVATION: 370 meters  
  • TIME: 3 hours approx.  
  • DIFFICULTY: easy 

If you want to find out more details or the map of the trail, click here! 

4. The Corps de Garde hiking trail

For those looking for a serious challenge a hike up this 780m peak on the west of the island will get your pulse racing. A secluded, remote hike through basalt rock and tropical plant life gives stunning views over the ocean and the mountains of the Casela Nature Park in the south.

Details of the Corps de Garde hiking trail

  • DISTANCE: 4 kilometres 
  • ELEVATION: 720 meters  
  • TIME: 3 to 4 hours aprox. 
  • DIFFICULTY: moderate 

If you want to find out more details or the map of the trail, click here! 

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