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tiger prawns 3 ways
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Enjoying the freshest seafood is one of the many great pleasures of a 5* beach holiday. Here, Chef Alexis Voisin, at Constance Belle Mare Plage in Mauritius, offers up his tiger prawn recipes for anyone looking for a taste of the Indian Ocean, and a healthy meal option too.

All 3 recipes served for 4 persons


BBQ Tiger Prawns with Asian marinade

Tiger Prawns with Asian marinade

Giant tiger prawns 8 pieces

Fresh ginger, julienne 20g

Fresh small red chilli

Coconut cream 200 ml


Marinate the tiger prawns with the different ingredients and leave in the fridge for 4 hours before putting on skewers and cooking on the BBQ.

Tiger Prawns with Tandoori marinade

tandoori tiger prawns

Marinade tandoori:

Garlic paste 0.03 kg

Ginger paste 0.02kg

Yogurt natural 1 pc

Garam masala 0.01 kg

Kashmiri chili 0.002kg

Yellow Colorant 0.001l

Red Colorant 0.001l

Flour 0.05 kg


Marinate you tiger prawns with all the ingredients overnight in fridge. Cook them on a hot pan with olive oil.

Tiger Prawns ceviche

tiger prawns ceviche

Onions 0,04kgTiger prawns big 0,5 kg

Fresh coriander 0,03 kg

Tomatoes 0,8 kg

Orange sweet 0,1 kg

Lime 0,02 kg

Tabasco 0,002 L

Ketchup 0,005 kg

Salt 0,003 kg

White pepper 0,003 kg


Dice all the ingredients onions, tomatoes, tiger prawn and mix them with the juice from the orange and lime add all the rest of the ingredients with the chopped fresh coriander and keep this in the fridge to serve extra cold.

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