Instagrammer of the Month #3: Mike Theiss

Instagrammer of the Month
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This month’s Instagrammer does whatever it takes to get his shots of extreme nature, whether that’s standing on a live volcano or chasing rampaging tornadoes.

Mike Theiss was given his first camera at 8 years old and immediately started photographing his great passion, weather related events. With a thirst for travel, as he grew up Theiss travelled the world capturing startling, dramatic images of extreme nature, eventually fulfilling his dream of taking photographs for National Geographic.

@extremenature on Instagram

What makes @extremenature special

Instagrammer of the Month

The Northern Lights

Whether it’s the dramatic nature pictures or his vibrant travel shots (Theiss describes travel as his other great passion), his photographs capture stunning moments taken from unique, sometimes frightening, vantage points.

‘I would describe my style as hard core to get the shot. I will shoot at any hour in any weather conditions to get the shot I want,’ Theiss explains. ‘I want the viewer of my photos to say “wow”, either because it’s so dramatic and scary (storms) or because it’s so beautiful and inviting (travel). As long as I get a “wow” I am happy.’

What caught our eye

Instagrammer of the Month

Lightning strikes

Theiss’ work is a powerful combination of drama, colour and timing. He has the knack of waiting for the perfect moment to get shots, which really capture the energy of natural events like lightening, eclipses and hurricanes.

What photograph is he most proud of

Instagrammer of the Month

Documenting the extreme conditions of Hurricane Katrina

Of all his work and all the dangerous situations he’s put himself in to capture images, Theiss says he is most proud of his documentation of Hurricane Katrina for which he was nominated for a National Emmy award for Best Cinematrography of the Year.

Where is he right now

Instagrammer of the Month

Powerful tornado

‘Right now I am in Tornado Alley chasing storms for 5 weeks,’ says Theiss. ‘This is my 14th year in a row to fly out to Tornado Alley and spend the entire month of May and June chasing tornadoes.’

What next

Instagrammer of the Month

An erupting volcano

It’s hard to imagine that someone who has travelled to 36 countries still has a bucket list but Theiss says he does. ‘One of the biggest items on my bucket list is going to the Maldives. I’ve seen so many amazing images from this location so it’s right at the top of my list of places to go and take amazing photos.’

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    June 4, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    I truly enjoy Mike’s photos, in fact we were just working side by side in Jamaica this week! He is amazing!

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