Instagrammer of the Month #1: Kardinalmelon

Constance Halaveli, Maldives
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Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing photographs of exotic locations. Not only that but Instagram is the social platform for 2015, helping travellers experience destinations in vivid colour to get a real understanding for how it a holiday feels on the ground.

Kardinalmelon, capturing natural beauty

Kardinalmelon, capturing natural beauty

Each month we’re choosing the instagrammer whose photos inspire us.

The best photos manage to capture a moment and every month we’re choosing the instagrammer whose photos have moved us.

Instagrammer of the month: Kardinalmelon

Kardinalmelon is the Instagram name of Hatice Korkmaz of Turkey. Hatice is passionate about travelling and when she discovered Instagram three years ago she realised she could combine her love for travelling with her love of photography.

Kardinalmelon shares beautiful scenes

Kardinalmelon shares beautiful scenes

What makes her special

In the last three years Kardinalmelon has developed a following of over 900,000 for posting high energy, vibrantly coloured travel photos, becoming known as the ‘Colour Queen’ with the motto ‘see the world in colour’.

Kardinalmelon combines gorgeous photos of her own colourful life in Turkey and her travels with photos she loves from other instagrammers. Amongst the colourful travel shots some of her most vibrant, beautiful photos are of her home in Turkey with beautiful beaches and cityscapes of Istanbul.

Kardinmelon at Constance Halaveli

Kardinmelon at Constance Halaveli

What caught our eye

From the Grand Canal in Venice to the plunge pool at Constance Halaveli, Maldives, Kardinalmelon’s photos are sun-drenched and saturated with the kind of rich colours that make us think instantly of holidays.

Where is she right now

Today Kardinalmelon is posting from Constance Halaveli, Maldives. So far her photos have captured stunning sunsets, views of the beach from the jetty, her water villa and, our personal favourite, a picture of her enjoying the beautiful Indian Ocean view from her private plunge pool.

Revealing a Maldivian sunset

Revealing a Maldivian sunset

What next

We love her photos of Halaveli so much that we’re planning to team up with Kardinalmelon very soon to run an Instagram competition, so watch this space…

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