Live life in colour with Instagram’s photo filters

Dhoni boat at Constance Halaveli, Maldives
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From rich blue skies to dramatic flame-red sunsets, make the colours in your holiday photos sing before you share them using Instagram’s great photo filters.

Constance Le Prince Maurice

Hudson: great for architecture

Photo filters can be a bit like adding rose-coloured spectacles to your images, everything becomes brighter, more colourful and, well, happier.

Instagram offers a range of filters, which create different effects from the nostalgic Amaro to the colour drenched richness of Mayfair and the increased contrast of Ludwig so that you can choose exactly how you want your final picture to look.

Have fun with filter choices

The great thing about posting pictures to Instagram is that it not only allows you to play around with which filter you want before you post, it also allows you to alter the settings of your selected filter from contrast and colour to warmth and sharpness to create exactly the look you want.

Use Ludwig on a sunset shot, for example, and it will bring out the contrast of light and dark, then go into settings and up the saturation levels and watch the orange and reds deepen adding a great dramatic edge to your photo.

Constance Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

Valencia: impressive colours with a slight fade

Some of our favourites

Everyone has their own favourite from the no-filter look of Slumber to the vintage-chic of Earlybird. Here are some of ours.

  • Hudson This extenuates shadows and adds a cold tint to emphasise contrast – great for architecture.
  • Nashville Gives an image low contrast and high exposure making the colours seem pastel and calm, great for a wide range of shots.
  • Valencia With its high exposure and warm temperature Valencia keeps the colour while making the image fade and nostalgically.
  • Mayfair With a dark border, warm pink tones and brightening at the centre, Mayfair can add a touch of drama to any shot.
  • Aden Great for selfies and people shots, Aden adds a soft pastel hue to photos.

Check out some of our #LifeLivedinColour photographs on Instagram @constancehotels. Valencia and Hudson were the top two choices, however the most popular in order were: Hudson, Nashville, Valencia, Mayfair and Aden.

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