Instagrammer of the month #4: Gary Arndt

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In 2007 travel photographer Gary Arndt sold his house and decided to travel the world, his Instagram account @everythingeverywhere is a record of his extraordinary travels.

From dramatic sweeping landscapes to intimate photos of personal encounters, Arndt’s Instagram posts cover all aspects of the countries he’s travelled to, an approach which has garnered him awards from both the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association.

What makes @everythingeverywhere special

Instagrammer of the Month

“The colorful domes of the church of Sant Roma in Lloret de Mar, Catalonia.”

Arndt believes that travel photography is about more than beautiful landscapes and iconic buildings, in his photographs he attempts to capture the essence of the places he visits.

‘I love travelling and I and love photography,’ he explains. ‘My interests really know no bounds, they range from pro wrestling to fine art and contemporary classical music. Likewise, I’m up for exploring almost anywhere on Earth. I’m a travel photographer in the purest sense. I try not to focus on just landscape photography, or just people in developing countries. I take photos of anything and everything which I think is interesting and beautiful.’

What caught our eye

Instagrammer of the Month

“The world famous Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta.”

Whether he’s photographing penguins in the sub-Antarctic, sunrises over the outback in Australia or historic European cities Arndt’s photographs capture the drama and intensity of their subject in rich vibrant colours.

@everythingeverywhere on Instagram

Instagrammer of the Month

“Sunrise over Islamorada in the Florida Keys.”

Instagram has been very important to Arndt as a way of sharing his photographs with a wider audience and he makes sure that he posts every day either from his archive or, if he’s on the road, with images taken on his iPhone.

‘I use Instagram to share the images I’ve taken around the world with others,’ he explains. ‘Hopefully, they will provide some inspiration to others so they too will explore the world for themselves.’

Where is he right now

Instagrammer of the Month

“Mile marker located on Mallory Square, Key West.”

Having travelled the world non-stop since March 2007, visiting over 175 countries across 7 continents, Gary Arndt is currently back home in Wisconsin visiting his family.

What next

Instagrammer of the Month

“Colorful houses in the Cinque Terre region of Italy.”

With a spirit for adventure home will not be able to hold him for long and in a few weeks Arndt plans to travel to northern Labrador and then on to the Galapagos Islands and in October he will be visiting Patagonia. His Instagram followers will be able to track his on-going journey around the globe through daily posts.

Check out Gary Arndt’s travel blog everything-everywhere.com or follow him on Instagram @everythingeverywhere.

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