Instagrammer of the month #2: Simon Upton

Instagrammer of the month
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This month’s Instagrammer Simon Upton is well aware he has many people’s dream job, a fashion photographer travelling to beautiful places to photograph beautiful women.

Yet despite a photographic career spanning nearly 20 years, which has seen his work appear in magazines from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue and Marie Claire, Upton believes he gets something from posting his work on Instagram which he can’t achieve elsewhere.

@simonuptonpics on Instagram

Instagrammer of the month

Meeting the locals in the Seychelles

‘Instagram is a perfect tool for photographers because it provides another medium to get your images out there to a much wider audience,’ Simon explains. ‘It also gives me the chance to diversify what I do from just fashion images. I love travel photography, still life, portraiture so with Instagram I can really put out a lot more work.’

In a recent shoot for Marie Claire UK at Constance Ephélia, Seychelles, for example, Simon was able to post vibrant travel shots of life on Mahé, including the local people he met and the stunning wildlife and natural environment of the island.

What makes @simonuptonpics special

Instagrammer of the month

Capturing quiet moments

Simon loves to capture images organically, using natural locations and natural light which give his photos, particularly his travel shots, a beautiful authenticity.

‘My style is very much centred around the light I take a picture in,’ he explains. ‘I love being on location somewhere beautiful so that I can compose an image based on my surroundings. I don’t like to have things set in stone as things can change quickly, I love things to happen as organically as possible.’

What caught our eye

Instagrammer of the month

High fashion meets ancient cultures

Glamour, glamour, glamour! Whether it’s high polished fashion shoots, candid ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots of models hanging out in exotic locations, or rich, vibrant travel shots, Simon’s photos ooze a kind of professional glamour and quality which make them a feast for the eyes.

What made him want to be a photographer

Instagrammer of the month

Enjoying the view from Constance Ephélia

Simon discovered his passion for photography almost by accident. His first love was swimming, competing for Australia in the Seoul Olympics in 1988, but as his athletic career drew to a close he began to travel with his model girlfriend. He enjoyed the freedom and lifestyle and had always loved taking photographs so began to assist various photographers before going out on his own in 1996.

‘I had always been keen on taking pictures,’ Simon says, ‘and I began to pursue it more and more. I began to assist several photographers and learnt as much as I could as quickly as I could. I started shooting pictures pretty much every day, mainly doing tests for various model agencies around Europe but also of my travels.’

Where’s he been recently

Instagrammer of the month

A last dip in the ocean before returning home from the Marie Claire shoot

Simon has just returned from 10 days at Constance Ephélia with British Marie Claire shooting 8 beauty spreads with models Jessica Gomes, Nadine Leopold and Sophie Vlaming.

‘I was really inspired by the beauty of these islands so, creatively, things happened as I like them to, in that sort of organic way. Also we had spectacular weather every day so we were able to utilise the light from early mornings to the last rays of light at sunset.’

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