Wedding trends for 2015

Beach weddings in the Maldives
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Whether you want a romantic outdoor wedding or a more formal affair the major trend for 2015 is making your day uniquely personal to you.

Preparing for a beach wedding in the Maldives

Preparing for a beach wedding in the Maldives

From personalised wedding cakes and ‘real moments’ photography to themes based around your memories as a couple, putting you and your partner at the centre of your wedding is the key trend for 2015.

Relaxed style

Reflecting our more laidback approach to life than that of our parents, weddings have continued to become more relaxed in almost every area in 2015.

From brides in two-piece gowns and grooms mismatching suits to flowers being hung in jars and cakes being un-iced, 2015 celebrates the romance of living in the moment and shedding the weight of tradition and expectation.

The dress

Following this trend for breaking the rules, colour has made an appearance on the 2015 bridal catwalks. Of course we’re not talking 80s neon or anything but subtle pastels of blush pink, blue, green and grey.

Another way the trend for relaxed weddings is being celebrated by dress designers is in a range of ‘beach chic’ bridal wear. Everything from above-the-knee mini-dresses and midriff-baring separates to cool lace with plunging backs and necklines seemed to be celebrating the trend for destination weddings.

Wedding trends 2015: the dress

Wedding trends 2015: the dress

Of course, romance is always in style and this year it’s represented by beautiful floating tulle and elegant lace.

The groom

It’s time for men to have a bit of fun with their wedding attire. Gone are the strict rules about morning suits or black tie, this year’s grooms are shaking things up with mismatched jackets and trousers and splashes of colour across their accessories. Matt Smith-style bowties are everywhere.


The Bohemian style continues in this season’s love for wild, locally sourced flowers. Whether they’re in bouquets, flower crowns, arches or hung in glass jars around the wedding venue, the look is one of wild meadows and beautiful local blooms.

For a more formal take on the trend try high flower content bouquets with plenty of bloom and very little foliage, a classic look is to pick only one type of flower.

The cake

Personalisation is big in wedding cakes this year from picking your favourite flavour to decorating the cake in a way that reflects you, this year’s cakes should make a personal statement.

Mauritius Flowers

Bohemian style wedding flowers

For a relaxed boho look go for this season’s hot ‘nude’ cakes or the more laidback buttercream icing. Another boho trend this year is alternative baking creating a tower of favourite treats like macaroons, profiteroles or meringues.

If, however, you’ve always dreamed of the traditional tiered wedding cake then have a bit of fun with this year’s trend for ruffles, sequins and colour.

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