Expert tips to create the ultimate destination wedding

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Let the expert team of wedding planners at our Ultimate hotels and resorts walk you through the process of creating the perfect destination wedding day.

Local knowledge on which flowers are in season will prove helpful in the run up to planning your dream wedding!

Local knowledge on which flowers are in season will prove helpful in the run up to planning your dream wedding!

Make sure you benefit from some local knowledge

You may be dreaming about a bouquet of frangipanis or orchids only to arrive at your destination to find out they’re not in season. Nothing beats local knowledge when planning a wedding so make sure your wedding coordinator is based at the destination, so they can give you accurate local information.

Add some personal touches to make your wedding unique

It is the unique, personal touches that will make your day feel special to you so make sure you let your hotel or resort know about any special requests you think will add to the day.

Personalisation is important according to the wedding planner at Le Prince Maurice: ‘Our couples are able to choose their favourite cake from a list of wedding cakes we offer, however if the guest would like to personalise the type of cake they want then they can speak with our pastry chef who will be delighted to assist them.’

Hair and make-up appointments are also set up before the wedding day so that the bride can discuss exactly what she wants with our stylists and even try out a number of different styles.

At Constance Lémuria, couples are invited to share special moments with their guests. ‘I always ask our couples about their guests,’ says the wedding planner at Lémuria, ‘to see if they want me to organize any special experience for them during their stay. For example if the mother of the bride is there we can organise a spa treatment for her during the preparation of the bride.


Get in touch with your wedding planner as soon as possible. Your perfect wedding will thank you!

‘All these details are checked before their arrival so that once they are here they can relax and enjoy these special moments.’

Get in touch with the wedding planner as early as possible

Our events coordinator in charge of weddings at Constance Lémuria, Hendrick Rachel, says that the first thing to do once the wedding is confirmed is to contact the wedding planner at your destination.

‘I contact the bride and groom by telephone, Skype or email to start the conversation about what they want for their special day as early as possible,’ he says.

The wedding planner at Constance Le Prince Maurice agrees this is important. ‘We try to get to know the guests better, for example how they met, or how long they have known each other. It somehow helps us to personalise their lifetime event.’

While you are still at home you can look at pictures of previous weddings at your destination and get an idea of which venues, flowers and cakes you might want.

Make sure someone at the destination is taking care of the details

Planning your wedding is a special time for many couples so while you create the dream of your perfect day, make sure the co-ordinator at your resort is taking care of the business of turning that dream into a reality.

Our wedding planners will create a full itinerary around your vision before you arrive so that you can relax knowing all the details are taken care of.

Feel more relaxed knowing you have a dedicated team around you on your special day!

Feel more relaxed knowing you have a dedicated team around you on your special day!

‘Our couples feel more relaxed when they know that the wedding ceremony is well organised by us in advance,’ explains the wedding coordinator at Constance Halaveli. ‘All the details and information, including an approximate itinerary, are sent to the guests by email in advance before they arrive.’

And our wedding planners don’t leave anything to chance, everything from hair and make-up sessions to special dinners, flower choices and even a romantic turndown service will be planned in advance and included on your schedule.

Contact the wedding planner at Le Prince Maurice, Halaveli or Lémuria via our online concierge service.

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