Unforgettable scents of the Indian Ocean

Constance Ephélia, Seychelles
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Have you ever found yourself stopping in the street because of the smell of freshly mowed grass or an old familiar perfume has flashed up a long forgotten memory?

Tropical wedding flowers: Frangipani

Sweet Frangipani

Most of us have had the sensation of memories brought rushing back by a scent from the past, it’s something scientists call the ‘Proustian phenomenon’. Many people may not be aware though that we can actually use this olfactory memory to manipulate our mood.

Powerful associations

Think about the traditional scents of Christmas, from mulled wine to Christmas pudding. We only have to get a hint of cinnamon, cloves or pine to feel a warm glow of seasonal cheer, and other scents have just as powerful an effect.

Imagine the smells of the Indian Ocean – sweet frangipani and bougainvillea, spicy ylang-ylang, rich vanilla and potent coconut. With their association with exotic, restful holidays when we smell these scents we tap into the feeling of calm relaxation we experience while we’re away.

Trips to Madagascar may make us think of scents of jasmine, while the Maldives brings back fragrances of beach gardenia and sandalwood, and the Seychelles and Mauritius bougainvillea, frangipani and orchids.

Induce a sense of calm

Induce a sense of calm

Having encountered these scents in these beautiful, tranquil environments smelling them again can not only bring back holiday memories but can actually make us feel the serenity we felt while we were there.

Of course, we don’t need to wait to stumble on these evocative scents, by buying a scented candle or scent burner with any of these aromas you can produce that tranquil state of mind on demand.

Get in the mood

If you’re planning a trip to the Indian Ocean then filling your home with these exotic fragrances can be a perfect way to get in the mood. When you get home, chase the holiday blues away by filling your senses with the exotic fragrances of your holiday and you’ll find you can keep that holiday serenity alive for as long as you choose.

For a holistic experience to look forward to, guests at Constance can immerse themselves in the exotic scents of the Indian Ocean with a range of U Spa aromatherapy products made from local botanical ingredients including ylang-ylang, frangipane and aloe vera.

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