10 reasons to book an Indian Ocean holiday this Christmas

Family time at Constance Lémuria, Seychelles
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With days getting shorter, the weather getting colder and shops already playing Christmas hits on a loop, now is the perfect time to start thinking about booking a winter sun getaway.

Enjoy an Indian Ocean holiday this Christmas

Enjoy an Indian Ocean holiday this Christmas

Here are 10 reasons to escape to the Indian Ocean this Christmas.

1. The hot weather

Let’s face it this is the reason that most of us pine for far-flung places at this time of year. Compare the consistent cold and damp of the average British winter with the welcoming 26–32ºC in the Indian Ocean and it becomes an obvious choice.

2. Let someone else cook Christmas lunch

Rather than spend Christmas morning stuffing a turkey and stressing over cooking times you could enjoy a champagne breakfast in a water villa in the Maldives. Then take a leisurely stroll down the beach for a Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.

3. Grab a little family time

Imagine being somewhere together as a family this Christmas where no-one’s sulking because they’d rather be out with friends or there’s no arguments over what to watch on the TV. Whether you want a holiday with the kids, the grandparents, or everyone all together, a villa holiday gives you the space to be together without getting on top of each other.

Let someone else cook...

Let someone else cook…

4. A taste of the exotic

Instead of ordering a turkey this Christmas, lie back on a beach in Madagascar and watch the local fishermen pull up on the sand, the day’s catch glistening with fresh ingredients for dinner at Constance Tsarabanjina. Or experience the heady scents and flavours of the busy food market at Mauritius’s capital, Port Louis.

5. Shake things up and try something new

Christmas doesn’t need to be about sitting around eating the same old thing. Why not make this year the year you shake things up a little: eat lobster for Christmas lunch; spend Boxing Day sports fishing for Marlin; or zip line through tropical jungle? Welcome in the New Year with a night dive in the Indian Ocean.

6. Stock up on vitamin D

It might sound like we’re pushing it to claim that a Christmas break to the Indian Ocean will make you physically healthier but science is on our side. Vitamin D helps boost your immune system and as the sun in the UK is not powerful enough to provide it between October and April, a blast of winter sunshine in December could be just what the doctor ordered.

Embrace the sun

Embrace the sun

7. Create special memories

A break to the Indian Ocean is about more than lying on a beach, it’s an opportunity to experience new things and create new memories. If life is about collecting experiences then spend this Christmas extending your collection. Whether it’s kayaking through an ancient mangrove swamp in the Seychelles, taking a sunset dhoni cruise in the Maldives or hiking the mountains of Mauritius, make this Christmas different and you’ll remember it forever.

8. Banish the winter blues

As well as sunlight making us healthier scientists also agree that it releases endorphins, hormones, which make us feel relaxed and happy. It is the craving for this fun-in-the-sun high which can make us depressed during the dull winter months. The cure? Get away for some winter sun, of course.

9. Get a festive detox

The run-up to Christmas has become a frantic whirl of festive social events, which can take their toll by the time the big day actually arrives. Give yourself a festive detox in a luxury Indian Ocean spa – U Spa offers a detox program of massages and body treatments as well as a range of healthy eating options – so you come home feeling refreshed.

Experience a sunset cruise in a traditional dhoni boat

Experience a sunset cruise in a traditional dhoni boat

10. Give everyone you love a perfect Christmas

If schmaltzy Christmas movies have taught us one thing it’s that everyone deserves a happy Christmas. But what if the one you love dreams of playing a round of golf while you want nothing more than to relax in a spa for a couple of hours or vice-versa? At Constance we think you should both be able to have what you want, and if the kids need a little extra entertainment then we’ve got plenty of fun and games to keep them happy at our complimentary Constance Kids Club, too.

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