The Ultimate Maldives Packing List

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The packing process can be notoriously mundane, particularly so if you have no idea what to pack. Arguably one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating places on earth, the run-up to your trip to the Maldives should be equally stress-free. Here are the must-have items we recommend you consider when packing for the Maldives at either Constance Moofushi or Constance Halaveli

Remember Reef-safe Suncream

The magnificent Maldivian weather makes it perfect for tanning and catching those much-needed UV rays. Regardless of what you’re doing – be it sunbathing, exploring the island or swimming in the tantalising, turquoise Indian Ocean, it’s important to protect your skin by packing this essential.

Furthermore, we encourage the use of reef-safe SPF. As avid environmentalists, Constance Hotels and Resorts withhold a sustainability pledge. A key area of focus being the protection of the ocean and coral reef surrounding our hotels. Help us to maintain this by wearing reef-safe SPF during your Maldivian escape. 

Mama Kuleana Reef Safe Suncream

Underwater Camera To Capture Magic Moments 

With a spectacular underwater world at your fingertips, it would be a crime not to explore and witness the magic first-hand. Our wonderful Maldivian resorts have particularly vibrant marine life with an incredible array of mesmerising sea creatures for you to behold. 

A great packing addition to your trip is an underwater camera. These are amazing as they enable you to capture inspiring images and footage of our underwater friends. Expect to encounter whale sharks, dolphins, clownfish, turtles and even manta rays!

Clothing and Accessories For Sensational Maldivian Sunshine 

The Maldives oozes a laid-back luxury atmosphere so guests will have lots of freedom over the types of clothes they wear. For men, a great addition is summer shirts. These are great as the thin material and oversized fit is ideal in hot weather. 

Loose-fitting summer dresses, over shirts and beach cover-ups, are also handy additions for women venturing on a Maldivian getaway. These enable you to feel comfortable in the heat whilst looking effortlessly glamourous. 

Classic holiday items such as sunglasses, sandals, sunhats and swimwear are also essential for a trip such as this. These are all island resort must-haves for beach escapes so it’s important to make sure you pack these! 

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Perfect Past-time Essentials 

The leisurely island life will likely consist of lots of lazing around, sunbathing and lounging pool-side. During these precious moments of undisturbed bliss, it may be useful to have a book, kindle or some headphones to keep you company. These are all great ways to relax, unwind and enjoy some alone time during your holiday. 

For active individuals, worry not as we still have an endless list of exciting activities for you to get stuck into. Our magical Maldivian islands strike the perfect balance between tranquillity and adventure so you will always have endless options to occupy you. 

Unnecessary Additions

Something that you won’t be needing in the Maldives is heeled shoes. As tempting as it might be to pack these, you won’t be needing them here. An attitude of ‘no shoes, no news’ is generally accepted in the Maldives and with sand and wooden decking being the predominant flooring, sandals or even bare-foot normally does the trick. 

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