The Hidden Jewels at Constance Hotels & Resorts

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We may be biased, but there are many jewels in the Constance crown that glisten brightly and should be experienced during any memorable trip. From star-lit film screenings, unrivalled white sand beaches, or our world-class dining, there is a bounty of gems to discover and enjoy.
Amongst these holiday-musts, there are a few clusters of hidden jewels, which are worth seeking out.
These off the beaten track stop-offs provide a moment of seclusion, breathtaking views, and maybe even the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

We have given you an insider’s guide to some of the most hidden jewels. Take a look.

Constance Moofushi’s Hidden Jewel

Hidden Jewel by name, hidden jewel by nature. Found tucked away in the grounds of Constance Moofushi, this actual hidden gem can be found tucked away between Beach Villa #5 & #6. It acts as a dreamy spot for a moment of peace, to connect with nature or share a special moment with a loved one.

If you have a picture there, share with us!

It is a nice romantic area go to, to get away from the rest of the island to relax on this artistically designed bed to enjoy time together with the beautiful view of the turquoise Maldivian water. While you’re there, why not grab a quick snap as it is one of our Constance Moment photo spot.

Romantic Rock of Tsarabanjina

A spot that will make you fall in love with Madagascar.
When you take a tour of the island by foot and pay attention in the north side of the island you can find this stunning rock that has been sculpted by the wind and the rain over the years, creating this heart shape. This hidden jewel will make your heart skip a beat.

The North Beach, Vuee and East Beach

Time to explore Constance Tsarabanjina even more!
It’s always worth exploring the island by following the shore. On the left side of north beach, there is this natural arch that is really beautiful and acts as a striking framing to take a picture during the sunset as the sun goes down in the middle of the arch. Behind this arch, during low tide, there are two marvellous bays where you can swim and sunbathe in perfect solitude. This spot really helps you see the beauty of the island.

Checkmate at Constance Lemuria

Anyone for a game of chess?
Tucked away amongst the sporting area, this hidden gem is an excellent way to stimulate your brain whilst you relax amongst botanical bliss. A perfect way to spend an afternoon with family, friends or your partner, this getaway.

Private Dining Deck at Constance Prince Maurice

Anyone for a private deck for two?
If you want a hidden moment away, to reconnect and enjoy fine dining with a loved one, this decking getaway is the perfect spot for you. Best enjoyed under a starry night, this jewel will help you create a sparkling memory for you to treasure forever. Champagne by the water anyone?

Beach hideaway

A beachfront relaxation spot at Constance Prince Maurice for two with a Mauritian view. Wander down the beach and look amongst the luscious greenery and you may stumble upon this hidden spot. Enjoy champagne, sink into cloud-like pillows and listen as the waves gently rushing in and out of the shore.

A pocket of heaven at Constance Halaveli

A little pocket of heaven.
This Eden-like nook acts as a sublime setting to disconnect and recentres yourself. Decorated with naturally source furnishings and vintage cycles, this is a truly peaceful hub that facilitates mindfulness. At night, the area is lit up by fairy lights, bringing an ethereal hue to the garden. Wonder through the area and feel inspired by some of the inspirational quotes that hang from the branches.

White Sand pathway at Constance Ephelia

The pathway to heaven? It might just be… As you explore the grounds of Constance Ephelia and wander down towards the oceanfront, you may stumble upon this hidden pathway that leads to a sapphire lagoon. As you explore through the botanical foliage and let white sand sink in between your toes, an opening will release this pool of Seychelles water. Facilitating a moment of pure bliss, the tucked-away pocket of paradise is a must for any trip to Constance Ephelia. Time for a swim!

Stairway to heaven Constance Belle Mare Plage

It only takes a couple steps to enter paradise. Found at the Lakaze beach at Constance Belle Mare Plage, this hidden spot is worth seeking out and is a unique backdrop for any Instagram snaps. At first glance, it appears that these steps leed you directly in the sea, however, if you venture down, it welcomes you to a blissful pocket of beach just before you hit the water. We’re off for an explore!

Have you visited any of these hidden gems before? Where are some of your favourite spots? Let us know in the comments below!

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