A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Ultimate Retreat at Constance Hotels & Resorts

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At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we’re celebrated for our passion and expertise in the world of wine. Nestled within each of our luxurious properties, guests can discover our renowned wine cellars – home to an exquisite collection sourced from the finest global wine regions.

With a repertoire of over 5000 references, our Indian Ocean destinations offer a symphony of gourmet delights paired with exquisite wines. Whether you’re toasting to a milestone, indulging in a sublime wine pairing, or dreaming of a luxury Champagne breakfast, your dream Indian Ocean getaway awaits.

Wine tasting in the Indian Ocean

Guided by our exceptional sommeliers who share their profound passion and expertise, at Constance Hotels & Resorts, we meticulously craft each experience to provide our guests with an unparalleled journey of taste and delight. 

Experience the pinnacle of gastronomy and wine culture at Constance Prince Maurice, where we host some of our most renowned annual events. Boasting a wine cellar which includes an area for wine tasting and a collection of more than 2,500 rare wines, we invite our guests to savour some of the world’s most exquisite wine experiences.

From the timeless elegance of Old World wines to the bold flavours of the New World, each tasting session is thoughtfully curated to offer a truly unique experience.

Wine Flight Coravin

Magnify your wine experience at any Constance Cellar with our Coravin wine preservation system. This unique experience allows guests to choose from a range of different options to compose their ideal wine flight. 

If you’re looking for something alternative, why not try our Around Wine Experience – a concept where guests select the wine they would like and the head sommelier collaborates with the chef to develop a menu to complement it? This experience is offered across different hotels with various menus and wines.

Bio Wine Tasting

At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we uphold the principles of biodynamic wine production, placing a strong emphasis on organic farming methods and a commitment towards sustainability. 

With an impressive collection of bottles sourced globally, including selections from organic and biodynamic agriculture, our wine cellars promise an unparalleled exploration of authentic pleasure.

 Luxury Champagne experiences

If you dream about waking up to a Champagne breakfast with a cascading landscape view whilst you sip, our iconic floating breakfast is perfect. 

Offered to our guests across all our Indian Ocean locations, our Champagne experiences are renowned for providing a touch of divine luxury whilst leaving our guests with an immersive sensory experience.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to create a show, why not commemorate a special celebration with the art of sabrage? This theatrical and historical practice adds a touch of exclusivity to occasions – our team will be glad to share specific tips for this particular art.

Annual wine events

La Paulée at Constance Prince Maurice

Throughout the year, Constance Hotels & Resorts hosts various wine events in our different hotels. One of our most renowned events, La Paulée, is an exclusive and much-awaited event for all which takes place in May each year.

A feast for wine lovers, this show-stopping event brings together five prestigious vineyards under the unique roof of the Archipel Restaurant, located at Constance Prince Maurice. The event invites guests to taste, savour and enjoy a first-class collection of fine wines from top producers.

Music & Wine at Constance Prince Maurice

Our annual Music & Wine event is a unique sensorial experience which takes place over one week each year. Dedicated to fulfilling the five senses, the annual event encompasses a divine array of wine tastings, entertainment and culinary excellence.

Wherever you choose to escape, our team is dedicated to curating the perfect wine experience for you.

Our bespoke wine experiences will transport you on a flavourful journey. Find your perfect retreat with an unparalleled combination of excellence and bliss – book your stay today!

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