The art of bread

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There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, straight from the oven. It’s an aroma that evokes feelings of comfort or nostalgia, or of hunger even when we hadn’t been thinking about food at all!

This ubiquitous pairing of wheat and yeast has been a staple food around the globe for centuries, yet still we continue to tease out maximum flavour and innovation from one of the oldest, humblest recipes in the world.


Our delicious naan recipe has been perfected over the years

At Constance Hotels and Resorts we take the art of breadmaking very seriously indeed. On a daily basis, our bakers produce all kinds of global breads to tempt the palates of our guests and reflect the culture and cuisines of our Indian Ocean home, and we’ve previously shared recipes for some of these, including our simple Naan bread, our Seychellois bread fruit dessert, a Fougasse bread with smoked pork belly and our delicious curry flavoured peanut and cashew bread rolls.


We at Constance are big fans of both sweet and savoury breads

Now at Constance Belle Mare Plage, we’re happily introducing even more artisan varieties to our already extensive menu. The Indigo restaurant now offers bread with wakame and nori for those who love Japanese food. The Italian restaurant La Spiaggia has introduced a small white bread, a fig bread, and the Italian focaccia, and our typical beach restaurant Lakaze is now offering a new tomato bread, garlic bread and the French fusette bread.

Whether you’re a fan of deep, rich flavours and thick, chewy crusts, or prefer soft, lighter breads infused with herbs, spices and fruits, there’s sure to be something new for you to try on your next Constance Hotels and Resorts holiday.

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