SaltyLuxe, World’s Leading Island Travel Influencer At Constance Halaveli

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Looking for some expert guidance on what to expect whilst staying at one of our luxurious resorts? We caught up with Sarah, the face behind SaltyLuxe who visited Constance Halaveli in February. SaltyLuxe is a well-recognised Instagram account specialising in promoting luxury travel, lifestyle, wellness and sustainability. 

Sarah is the owner behind this beautiful Instagram account, with her passion for all things luxury travel, including (you guessed it) the ocean. Sarah uses her social platform to reveal to her followers some of the world’s hidden gems.

Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

After her recent award win as the “World’s Leading Island Travel Influencer” at 2020’s World Influencer Awards, it was a pleasure to host her stay at Constance Halaveli.

In the following blog we discover the answers to those all important questions – from what Sarah loved most during her stay at Constance Halaveli to what her daily routine looks like.

We also find out about her favourite spot in the Maldives, plus gather her advice on the top items to bring to the Indian Ocean.

Scroll down to find out more. 

Who Are The Founders Behind SaltyLuxe?

Before we dive into questions, let us introduce you to SaltyLuxe… 

Australian-based Sarah are the content creators behind SaltyLuxe’s Instagram page, which currently has a following of 426K users.

They continue to inspire people, all over the world, to travel and live consciously – focusing on enjoying epic adventures whilst caring for the earth along the way. 

You can check out their story on their Instagram account or via their blog 

SatlyLuxe palm tree
Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

So where does the name come from? Well, Sarah love the ocean and specialise in luxury travel and experiences. So put the two words associated with those characteristics and you get: SaltyLuxe.

As stated by Sarah – travelling for many is a pleasure, a chance to see untouched, breathtakingly beautiful areas of the world and become immersed in different cultures. 

For SaltyLuxe travelling is “the best gift we could all have”.

A Day In The Life Of SaltyLuxe

SaltyLuxe has an eye for detail and a talent for capturing moments effortlessly, therefore we have taken the time to ask Sarah some more specific questions around capturing the perfect shot for aspiring travel influencers. 

Your pictures are great, what’s the best scenery for you? What do you like to shoot? 

“It’s no secret I love tropical and exotic locations. I have always enjoyed the ocean and palm trees so I continuously find myself being drawn to islands around the world. I love to capture a place through storytelling and we (Matt) photograph and film from the air, land and sea to give the most immersive experience.”

Diving with SaltyLuxe
Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

Is there any message you want to share via all your posts? What is it? 

“Live every day to the fullest and don’t waste any time. The world is a big, beautiful place and there’s a lot to explore. Adventure awaits.”

What’s your daily routine like? 

“Wake up early before everyone else. It’s the calmest and most peaceful time of the day. Swim, coffee, breakfast and then into a full day of shooting.”

Five ‘must-bring’ items to the Maldives. 

  • Sunscreen (reef friendly)
  • Camera (any kind)
  • Swimmers
  • A good book 
  • A strong sense of gratitude for being able to witness such a naturally beautiful part of this world.

What goes in your camera bag? 

“We have multiple cameras and lenses, drones, underwater housing, tripods, mini hand-held video cameras, film cameras, chargers, filters, hard drives, memory cards, our laptops for editing and more. Our camera gear weighs more than my personal luggage.”

SaltyLuxe’s Experience Of Staying At Constance Halaveli

SaltyLuxe stayed at our tranquil Constance Halaveli resort, located in the Maldives. 

Below are some questions we asked Sarah about their getaway – from how they found their stay, to their favourite spot and activity. 

How did you find Constance Halaveli?

“Constance Halaveli is a really lovely resort with a beautiful lagoon, alongside abundant marine life experiences and most importantly –  a very good vibe!”

With the great range of activities available at Constance Halaveli, there is something for everyone. From driving amongst the great range of sea life to floating in the North Ari atoll in a Dhoni, which is a Maldivian boat. 

What is your favourite spot at Constance Halaveli? 

“I love the beach at the Jahaz Bar and Restaurant! With neon blue lagoon water, the curved white sand beach, palm trees and a mesmerising hanging chair, it’s such a beautiful part of the island to enjoy.

Our overwater villa had views of this beach too and watching the sun rise over this slice of paradise from our deck was unbelievable.”

Constance Halaveli
Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

For what reasons would you recommend Constance Halaveli to your friends and family? 

“Constance Halaveli has the perfect mix of island vibes, luxury touch, unforgettable activities and amazing food options. It ticks all the main boxes that people are looking for in a Maldives stay!”

You’ve been to many different hotels in the Maldives, what are the different things that distinguish Constance Halaveli from the rest? 

“Two things really stick out for me. One of our highlights was swimming with manta rays – this is one of our most memorable experiences of our time in the Maldives. 

But what stood out the most was how the Constance team cared so much for the well-being of these beautiful animals and provided a very conscious and unobtrusive interaction in the ocean.”

Best things to do as a couple at Constance Halaveli? 

“Sunset dhoni cruise followed by the Asian overwater restaurant for dinner. And the manta experience!”

Diving with manta rays
Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

You’ve been in the Maldives for so many days, if you could have taken five  things home, what would those be? 

“That’s a tricky one! 

The azure water, palm-lined tiny islands, fresh coconuts, blazing sunsets and all the kind local people.”

SaltyLuxe’s Thoughts About Constance’s COVID Measures

Whilst the thought of travelling can seem daunting, we asked SaltyLuxe a few questions around how she found travelling during this difficult time and the safety measures in place across our resorts to provide that all important added reassurance. 

For those with concerns, please explore our ‘Stay Safe’ page with extra details around how we’re supporting our guests during these times. 

In our latest blog, we also outline additional reasons why you can put your mind at ease when booking with Constance Hotels & Resorts. So relax, unwind and get excited for exploring the Indian Ocean again very soon.

Sunrise at Constance Halaveli
Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

With all kinds of restrictions, how did you feel when you were at Constance Halaveli? 

“One of the safest I have felt during our Maldives trip. I wasn’t thinking about anything other than enjoying my precious time here, thanks to the solid testing processes Constance Halaveli have implemented.  

Also, the rigorous testing procedures were some of the best I have witnessed compared to so many other properties. This makes you feel at ease on your holiday.”

Share your thoughts on the sanitary measures you noticed at Constance Halaveli? 

“Everything was super clean and there was clearly a lot of care and attention going into this every day.”

Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

Our Final Questions For SaltyLuxe

Before the blog ends we just have two more questions to ask SaltyLuxe…

Is there a team member that caught your attention at Constance Halaveli? Who and why? 

Roberta (Roby) who took us out on the manta experience. She just loved the ocean and mantas so much and created such an amazing atmosphere to enjoy these animals.”

Roberta (below) is an Italian Master Scuba Diver & Trainer. She has been working in the Maldives since 1995. Roberta has spent most of her diving career in the Maldives with wide experience in several different countries like the Caribbean, Red Sea and Indonesia. 

Scuba Diver trainer
Roberta at Constance Halaveli

Her passion for the sea makes her a true lover of all the marine creatures, from the huge manta rays to the tiny shrimps. An interesting fact is that her favorite sea creature/marine creature are mantas and pygmy seahorses.

Tell us about your #ConstanceMoment. 

“Sunrise with a floating breakfast in our pool, watching the sun rise through a cluster of palm trees over our favourite beach. That view with breakfast and being together in our own private pool was so memorable for us.”

Image credit: @SaltyLuxe

We thank SaltyLuxe for staying at Constance Hotels & Resorts and we hope this blog has provided you with an insight into Sarah’s time at Constance Halaveli.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of SaltyLuxe, book your stay today. 

Tell us in the comments below.

Feel free to reach out via our social channels and share your photos with the hashtag #MyConstanceMoment

Hope for sunnier days with #ConstanceWithU




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