Map of Seychelles: Praslin

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Praslin is famed for its stunning, tranquil beaches and ancient palm forest, home to the iconic coco de mer, follow our map to learn more.

Praslin Island

Only a 15-minute plane ride or an hour by ferry from Mahé, Praslin is the second largest of the Seychelles islands and the site of one of its two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Vallée de Mai.

The island has a population of only 6,500, most of who live in the island’s three small fishing towns Baie Ste Anne, Anse Volbert and Grand Anse.


The Seychelles

North coast

Generally the beaches on the north of the island are the best for swimming and scenery as those in the south are shallow and from May to October can be littered with seaweed.

By far the most popular stretch on the north coast is the long arching beach of Anse Volbert and Cote D’Or with their watersports, cafes and hotels. Busy by Praslin standards is still quiet compared with many beaches in the world but if you want more seclusion swim over to the islet of Chauve-Souris for spectacular snorkelling.

Travel west along the coastal road and you reach the quiet swimming and snorkelling spot of Anse Boudin. There are no café’s but the shop selling refreshments is handy.

North west coast

The secluded west tip of the island is where Praslin’s most idyllic beaches are hidden including the Tripadvisor Best Beach winner Anse Lazio and the pretty bay of Anse Georgette, accessible via a beautiful nature trail from Constance Lémuria. Below these are the longer, more accessible beaches of Anse Kerlan and Petit Anse Kerlan which are often deserted and perfect for children thanks to the gentle slope of the sand into the water.

South west coast

The main residential part of the island and where the airport is located, the beaches along the south west coast such as Grand Anse are long sandy stretches but lack the picturesque quality of Praslin’s more secluded bays. The water here tends to be shallow so not great for swimming.

South coast

From Anse Citron and Anse Bateau to Anse St Saveur and Anse Takamaka the beaches are narrow and shallow where they come right up to the road and at high tide many of them disappear altogether. One exception is Anse Bois de Rose, a small cove shaded by almond trees, with only one parking space, if you’re luck enough to get it, you’ll probably find the beach is all yours.

East coast

Follow the road round to Baie St Anne, a pretty, sleepy little Praslin town with a few shops and restaurants. The beach is narrow but okay at low tide.

North east coast

Rounding Pointe La Farine brings you back to the beautiful beaches of Praslin’s north coast and, as if in welcome, the beautiful Anse La Blague. This pretty, secluded beach tends to be deserted so if you’re lucky its white sand and crystal waters will be just for you.

Travel a little further west and before you reach the popular Cote D’or you’ll discover Anse Gouvernement, another beautiful secluded spot with shallow water dipping slowly to swimming depth making it perfect for families with small children.

The interior

Once believed to be the original site of the garden of Eden, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallée de Mai is a stunning, ancient palm forest practically unaltered from its original state. Home to the suggestively shaped coco de mer, visitors can take a trail through the heart of the forest to the peak of Glacis Noire for spectacular views across the forest and the ocean beyond.

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