Map of Seychelles: Mahé

Constance Ephélia, Seychelles
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Discover the secluded swimming spots, stunning viewpoints and beautiful beaches of the Seychelles’ largest island, home to the nation’s capital, with our map of Mahé.

Mahé Island

Mahé, Seychelles

Mahé, Seychelles

Despite being the most populated of the Seychelles islands, the majority of the 78,539 population live in the capital Victoria leaving the rest of the island to enjoy a sleepy uncrowded vibe of deserted beaches and small fishing villages perfect for secluded walks and private moments.

North coast

The rugged, windswept beauty of the Northern tip of Mahé with its beaches including Northeast Point and Carana Beach are popular with surfers and windsurfers and those looking to get away from it all for a deserted beach walk.

You don’t need to go far, however, to get to stunning beaches safe for swimming such as the vibrant Beau Vallon on the north west coast. A favourite with visitors and locals, there’s a bustling street bazar here on Wednesday evenings and plenty of water sports and cafes.

West coast

Mahé’s west coast is where you’ll find the majority of the stunning, picture postcard beaches, which fuel most visitor’s Seychelles daydreams. A string of wild, beautiful, deserted beaches accessible from Port Launay Road and West Coast Road reach from the Marine Parks of Baie Ternay and Port Launay in the north to Anse à la Mouche and Baie Lazare in the south.

South coast

Like it’s northern counterpart the southern tip of Mahé around Anse Petite Police and Police Bay is beautiful and rugged but the strong undercurrents make it unsuitable for swimming. The bonus of its unsuitability for swimming however is that this really is a deserted paradise for walkers, nature lovers and those looking for solitude with a view.

South east coast

Climbing up the coast from Police Bay are the beautiful swimming spots of Anse Forbans and Anse Royale, both featuring restaurants serving delicious local food. Up in the hills behind Anse Royale is the working spice plantation Le Jardin du Roi with its beautiful Creole restaurant looking out over the island.

East coast

The east coast is where most of the residents of Mahé live and is home to the nation’s small capital Victoria. The beaches on this side of the island, such as Anse Aux Pins and Turtle Bay tend to be shallow and not quite as picturesque as those on the west but they are a great place to visit at the end of the day for a walk and to watch the fishermen bring in their daily catch or wade for octopus in the shallows.

Take the time while you’re on the east coast to visit the Takamaka Bay Distillery to sample the local rum and find out how it’s made and the Domaine de Val des Près, an old plantation showcasing traditional Creole culture.

Further up the coast is Victoria, the historic capital of Seychelles with its distinctive 19th Century, London-style clock tower. Make sure while you’re here you visit the vibrant daily indoor food market.

The interior

Driving over one of the roads that crosses the islands’ mountainous interior is a beautiful journey through lush verdant rain forest well worth the trip. For the ultimate Mahé experience walk the trail through the mist forests of the Morne National Park to the summit of Morne Blanc.

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