Wellness tips for post-Christmas excess

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You’ve embraced the festive cheer, had one too many glasses of wine, eaten too many leftovers and are now in dire need of an elasticated waist and some heartburn tablets. But don’t fear: our wellness tips will soon help you get back on a healthy track for the year ahead…

Stay hydrated

stay hydrated

If you’ve been basking in a boozy glow and secretly hoovering up fistfuls of salty peanuts and other party foods, your body is probably in need of hydrating. Get into the habit of starting the day with a glass of pure, still water, even if you have to warm it up and pop a slice of lemon in it – whatever works for you.

Get your fill of antioxidants


Foods high in antioxidants help to renew cells and may supercharge your auto-immune system back to peak health. Look out for bright green and purply-red fruits, vegetables and pulses like pomegranates, broccoli, red beans, artichokes, red apples, and berries like cranberries, blackberries and blueberries.

Cut back on caffeine

Coffee is not a good idea

Clear your head by cutting back on the addictive stimulant caffeine. If you don’t fancy going cold turkey, you can start by tapering off gradually and switching to a decaffeinated brand (remember these still have small amounts of caffeine in), or wean yourself from three cups per day down to two, and then one over the course of one or two weeks. The benefits? Fewer headaches, better sleep, a better overall mood, and less anxiety.

Lose the sugar

healthy Food

It might be the most shouted-about mantra of the moment, but there are some very good reasons to cut right back on sugar. You are less likely to develop diabetes, you’ll have tons more energy, and you may lose weight without even really trying. One of the best ways to curb your sugar consumption is to give up processed meals – which often contain lots of hidden sugars – and stick to a diet of real, wholesome food.

Keep moving

keep moving

All of the above are important, but combining them with regular exercise is the sure-fire way to boost your health for the new year. Don’t set yourself up to fail by giving yourself out of reach goals. You don’t need to join a gym or buy expensive workout wear. Just promise yourself you’ll walk more – lots of smartphone apps can measure your steps and work out calories burned – or set yourself an achievable target like running a 5k or finding a class or activity you enjoy and can commit to.

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