Instagrammer Kardinalmelon shares her photo tips

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The social platform Instagram has proved a huge hit with travellers who love looking at inspiring destination images. Our Instagrammer of the month, KardinalMelon, has gained a huge following with her self-styled ‘Queen of Colour’ shots, that bring destinations to life in vivid colour.

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Below KardinalMelon shares her insider secrets on how to take incredible images that will transform your photos from just average holiday shots to stand-out pieces that will leave people transfixed.

KardinalMelon’s top image tips

1. I take colourful photos as much as I can. Because Instagram photos are in tiny square shapes, colourful photos are more attractive and tend to make people happy.



2. Photos should be clear, sharp and vibrant. You should be careful about the golden ratio. If you take photos with your mobile phone or a low model camera, you shouldn’t edit them too much.



3. You should always make various compositions of the same image and even unique compositions to find the best pictures.



4. For editing my images, I use Snapseed and Photofx editing applications on iphone and for the pink trees I use Photoshop CS6. I also use the sharpness, saturation, warmth, brightness options on Instagram’s editing menu.



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