Exhilaration is arriving at Constance for your wedding

Set sail as man & wife at Constance Halaveli
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Ask anyone who’s planned a dream destination wedding abroad, and they’ll tell you the anticipation phase leading up to the big day is almost as exciting as the wedding itself. But nothing can quite match the feelings of exhilaration that accompany the moment you arrive at your venue, after all those weeks and months of staring at glossy, sunkissed pictures and imagining yourself there.

Regina Dering, the lucky winner of our recent dream wedding competition, may still be a little way off from the exhilaration phase – one of the steps in our 8 steps to a dream destination wedding ebook – but it won’t be long before that day draws near for her and husband-to-be Benjamin Rauth.

On the other hand, Andrew and Hannah Hill, who married at Constance, have fond memories of that moment. “I remember pulling up to the hotel and being so excited when we saw how beautiful the entrance to the hotel was,” says Hannah. “As we stepped into the lobby, we stopped to look at the amazing view before a member of staff took us and our friends down to a table by the pool where we were provided with a breakfast. Once we had eaten, more hotel staff came over to welcome us and fill in the registration forms for us. No queuing at desks or waiting around. It was such a relaxing way to start our holiday, and we will never forget it, we felt were treated like royalty!”


Helen and Joe McCaughran, married at Constance Moofushi, Maldives

Helen and Joe McCaughran had a similar experience, and found there was still a lot of flexibility once they arrived. “Once you arrive at the resort have a look around the island and decide where you would like to have your wedding,” says Helen. “There were different options available to us: The Jetty, Sandbank, Beach and we made our decision once we’d looked around the island. Think about where you would like your photos taken making sure you take into account things such as where the sun sets.”

Whichever Constance property you’ve chosen to host your wedding, a warm welcome is guaranteed. We know the care and consideration you’ve put into selecting your venue, so we aim to repay your trust in us by making sure we live up to your expectations in every way – whether that’s helping you decide on the right location for your vows, making last minute tweaks to your flowers, guiding your guests to the best local sights, or assisting you with your paperwork.

But most of all, we want your first impression of Constance to take your breath away. To know, instantly, that you’ve made the right choice. To be desperate for your friends and family to arrive so you can see the look on their faces. To never want to leave.  It’s that moment when all your anticipation and expectation comes to fruition.

To discover the 8 Steps to creating your perfect wedding at Constance, click here.

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