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Instagram’s top tips for capturing stunning time-lapse videos

time-lapse video
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If you dream of sharing one of our stunning Indian Ocean sunsets with friends on Instagram then check out New York Instagrammer @sweatengine’s top tips.

time-lapse video

Capture amazing moments in a new way

In an article on the Instagram Blog, Instagrammer Kevin Lu (@sweatengine) explains how he captures the bustling, 24-hour energy of his native New York in a range of time-lapse videos using only his iPhone.

Pick a subject with movement

Picking the subject of your time-lapse video is an important starting point according to @sweatengine and while he believes that each frame, ‘should be as good as a still photograph’ he advises that movement is the key.

He recommends choosing something which ‘moves slowly over time or makes intermittent, unpredictable movements for interesting results’. A sunset or waves on the beach would therefore make an ideal subject.

Choose the right time-lapse app

There are many time-lapse apps available for the iPhone and Android, @sweatengine recommends TimeLapse or Lapse It.

time-lapse video

Using light and dark gives the most stunning results

Setting up

The important technical details to remember, according to @sweatengine, are:

  • To secure the smart phone so that it doesn’t move
  • Turn off auto-lock
  • Lock the exposure settings before you start to avoid ‘flickering’

Make sure you set the duration of the filming for long enough to capture the movement you want. For a sunset or sunrise @sweatengine recommends a duration time of 20 minutes or longer.

Send us your time-lapse videos

We’d love to see the results of your time-lapse videos filmed during your stay with us so make sure you tag them #Constance.

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