Romantic Dinner at Constance Belle Mare plage
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Who said that the best way to spend your Valentine’s dinner is out in a fancy restaurant? We believe that “love” is also very well celebrated when you are at home, eating delicious food and drinking a good bottle of wine! 😉

For this reason, we have collected below our most romantic recipes from some of our restaurants at Constance Hotels & Resorts, to get you inspired for tonight’s dinner. Ready to read some recipes that will leave your taste buds watering and your romantic senses, lusting? It’s time to show off your cooking skills to your partner!

1. Hokkaido scallop

Start your romantic night off with a dish to get your senses tingling as we do at Constance Halaveli. Try to conquer since the very beginning your partner attention with our Hokkaido scallop. With, Caviar, Cauliflower puree, Avocado, Mango salsa, Parsley oil and Passion lemon kappa. This dish will sure to leave your partner curious to see what will come next.

Hokkaido scallop | Recipe from Constance Halaveli

2. Crusty foie gras on caramelised pear and vegetables

If you’re feeling something sweet and also savoury to continue your Valentine’s dinner, why not try our Crusty foie gras on caramelised pear and vegetables. This recipe comes from our exotic restaurant in Madagascar at Constance Tsarabanjina

The foie gras is deep fried with oil and stuffed into the caramelised half-pear, it comes served with some mouth-watering sautéed vegetables, and decorated with caramel sauce and pink berries. To make this dish even more romantic, make sure to decorate the plate with your lovely touch!


Crusty foie gras on caramelised pear and vegetables | Recipe from Constance Tsarabanjina

3.  Stuffed chicken

In between of all that cheeky chat, make sure to not forget our Poulet Farcie Sous La Peau in the oven. This delicious recipe comes from Constance Prince Maurice and it will take more than 3 hours to be prepared. Our suggestion is that you start cooking this dish quite early!

Our succulent stuffed chicken dish is not one to be missed in your Valentine’s dinner for two! The chicken comes glaze with orange juice, season with salt and served with thinly sliced fresh herbs. Check all the recipe steps here.

Stuffed chicken, ‘Poulet Farcie sous la peau’ | Recipe from Constance Prince Maurice

4. Sweet of my heart

After delving into your main course, it’s now time for a real valentine treat. Named “Sweet of my heart”(can’t be more appropriate for Valentine’s dinner!) this recipe, suggested from our Chef at   Constance Belle Mare Plage, is a delicious chou paste chocolate biscuit dessert. Perfect for sharing on your special valentine’s evening.

A delicious chocolatey biscuit mix, topped with chocolate mousse and a sweet strawberry to finish. We bet, this will be your endgame move to conquer your partner for life!

Sweet of my heart | Dessert Recipe from Constance Belle Mare Plage

If you are lucky enough to be one of our guests during Valentine’s dinner, we have plenty opportunities to make this night memorable, but, if you are at home we encourage you to give a Constance Hotels & Resort flavour to your dishes, and perhaps, this will be a great opportunity to plan Valentine’s Day 2020 in one of our resorts. 😉

Are you trying one of these recipes? Make sure to share the result with your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #MyConstanceMoment. And if you have any question feel free to contact us via our social channels:

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