How to find the perfect destination for your wedding

Destination wedding
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You may remember back in July we announced the winner of our Dream Wedding competition, who’ll be tying the knot in April next year at Constance Lémuria in the Seychelles.

We’ll be following the journey of our winner Regina Dering as she lives through our eight steps to a perfect wedding, kicking off this week with a look at where it all begins – how to find the perfect destination.

Where in the world

Destination wedding

Find tranquility and privacy in a far flung location

Finding the right venue is the single most important decision in your wedding planning process. What are your priorities? For some it’s having as many friends and family around them as possible, while for others a more intimate, barefoot atmosphere is what matters most.

The spark that drives couples to plan a destination wedding rather than a more standard affair at home is often that very notion of a dream location, far removed from the mundanities of everyday life. This is the day that signals a new beginning filled with hope and possibilities, and the choice to do this in a far-flung land is a bold and symbolic way to mark a new life together.

When it comes to beach ceremonies, the romantic vision is a private white sand setting next to a turquoise sea, complete with tropical decoration and a lush green backdrop. When prospective guests first approach Constance wedding coordinators about their plans, they’re often excited about very specific things. For some it’s the chance to slip away for a “just the two of us” experience, while for others it’s an opportunity to declare their intentions in front of their nearest and dearest. Either way, they often have a detailed vision of what they’re looking for, and we help make those dreams come true.

What do guests want?

destination wedding

Stroll along white sands as you and your partner watch the sun go down

“The first request our wedding couples often ask is, does Constance Lémuria have what it takes to make our dream come true?” says Hendrick Rachel, Wedding Coordinator at Constance Lémuria. “They have an idea of the Seychelles as a dream destination, and they’re looking for that perfect venue, supportive assistance to help them achieve what they’ve been fantasising about, and of course, an exclusive and very romantic setting. What really drives them to make a booking is how fast and effectively they can get a response to all their questions, as they must have trust in the person they’re in contact with to guide them to their perfect day.”

“It’s also about finding a unique destination that offers privacy and no stress with regards to wedding planning,” says our wedding coordinator at Constance Ephélia. “It could be a dream wedding, a wedding and honeymoon at the same time, renewal of vows or a second marriage where they’ve already had a big party first time around and don’t want to do that again. Either way, we need to make sure we tailor the experience to their exact requirements.”

Choosing a resort that can hit the right spot is the first – and most exciting – part of your wedding journey. These are the precious early moments of anticipation and excitement to savour. These are the moments to indulge in where the world seems open to all possibilities and the vision for the best day of your life begins to take shape.

To discover the 8 Steps to creating your perfect wedding at Constance, click here.

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