Wild swimming in the Indian Ocean

The wonderful Port Launay
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Everyone loves a stylish hotel pool with its sunbeds and views (not to mention bar) but to really connect with a place try wild swimming.

Hidden beaches: Anse Georgette, Seychelles

Hidden beaches: Anse Georgette, Seychelles

The growing trend for swimming in natural waters such as seas, oceans, rivers and pools reflects our desire to connect more physically with our environment.

Nowhere is this more tempting than on the lush, tropical islands of the Indian Ocean surrounded by crystal waters and lagoons.

Whether you choose to swim from beautiful secluded beaches in the warm waters of the ocean or explore the inland network of rivers, waterfalls and natural pools, wild swimming is a great way to explore these beautiful islands.

Hidden beaches

Wild swimming is all about getting off the beaten track so ask around, do a bit of research and seek out some of the less well-known beaches at your destination.

The clear waters of the Indian Ocean with its rich, colourful marine life makes swimming here a completely unique experience.

Discover beaches like the stunning Anse Georgette on Praslin, Seychelles, which can’t be reached by car and make the perfect quiet spot for a wild swimming experience.

Rivers, waterfalls and pools

While these often involve a bit of a walk to get to, the reward is an experience from another age, swimming in clear, fresh water in the heart of a lush, verdant jungle.

Rochester Falls, Mauritius

Rochester Falls, Mauritius

Take a walk along the road from the beach at Port Launay on Mahé and you’ll see signposts to one of the Seychelles’ most beautiful waterfalls. Only 1km from the road is a natural pool hidden amidst lush, ancient jungle.

Mauritius, with its many nature reserves and national park, offers a wide variety of wild swimming opportunities from the beautiful swimming hole at Rochester Falls near Souillac to the more adventurous guided river trekking trails along the Galets river in the south.

Walkers enjoying trails through the stunning Casela Nature Park and the Black River Gorges National Park will find a variety of natural pools and lakes where you can stop off for a cooling swim.

Keeping safe

Swimming in natural locations is a wonderful experience but it is recommended not to go alone just in case you find yourself in any difficulties.

Remember to always check water depths before diving or jumping in.

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