What To Pack In The Perfect Beach Bag

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A perfect day basking in the sun beside the serene Indian ocean means having the perfect beach bag full of essentials for keeping you cool, comfortable and most importantly relaxed. 

Whether you’re heading to the sandy white beaches of Constance Moofushi, or the crystal clear water of Constance Lemuria, we at Constance Hotels & Resorts want your day at the beach to be enjoyed in pure bliss.

It’s time to bring out the beloved beach bag for another adventure. This blog will be your ultimate guide to all of the essentials you should consider when heading for our idyllic shores.

Constance Hotels & Resorts Beach Bag Essentials

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The Ultimate Beach Bag Perfect For Your Getaway

First comes the bag, and it is important to get this right. No longer an afterthought, the beach bag is as much of a style item as it is a convenient commodity. With so many options now out there, it can be hard to know what to look for.

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Going for a larger style of bag will ensure there will be space for everything you need during the day so you can focus on soaking your toes in the surf or unwinding in a cool and shady hammock. 

Durable fabrics and materials are also often favoured, including canvas and wicker. Make sure your beach bag has pockets for more precious possessions and comfortable handles or straps for ease.

The Sun Seekers Beach Bag Essentials 

We are all familiar with what you cannot go to the beach without and that is a great SPF. But the essentials to make your day far more serene do not stop there. Often forgotten about, the hair and lips are areas that need to be taken care of under the warmth whilst you’re lounging. 

Make sure to include a moisturising lip balm in your bag and a nourishing protective spray for your hair. Top up regularly throughout the day, especially after taking a refreshing dip in the water or taking to the ocean via one of our transparent canoes for a glimpse into the magical underwater world.

Combining Effortless Style And Comfort

Selecting the right accessories for your day can transform not only how you look but also how you feel. Bring along your favourite summer hat, from a chic straw hat or a shady sun hat. This key accessory will not only enhance your beachside look, but also protect your eyes and keep you cool so you can focus on enjoying every moment.

To accompany your hat, sunglasses should be next on the list. Choosing the perfect polarising shades will take any strain off the eyes, whether you’re taking in a new book, strolling along the shore or simply resting in the shade. 


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Another packing essential to complete the beachside necessities in style is an elegant sarong or a stylish cover-up. Slip on your cover-up when off exploring the scenic coastline and all the natural beauty surrounding you, from secluded sands to tropical palms. 

Seek out the shade whilst enjoying the perfect romantic picnic lunch, or retreat to a secret hammock spot for some time to unwind, coconut cocktail in hand. It is wise to look for breathable and light-weight fabrics such as cotton and linen when choosing the right style for you, whether it is an airy overshirt or an intricately patterned sarong.

@renklirotalar and family at Constance Moofushi

Immersing Into Relaxation, Your Way

Choosing the right means of entertainment to include in your beach bag is key to feeling relaxed and rejuvenated during your day. Remember to pack a book you can lose yourself in for hours, or headphones for the podcast that you haven’t got round to listening to yet.

The last essential item which you should be packing is a device in which you can capture every cherishable moment spent enjoying your beach day with loved ones. 

Ensure the memories of this revitalising day are never forgotten so you can reminisce with joy, looking back at blissful days spent under the tropical sun beside the breathtaking Indian Ocean.


Do you have any other beach bag essentials that you’ll be bringing? Tell us in the comments below.

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