The Benefits of a Couples Vacation

Stronger Relationship
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Recent studies have shown that couples that travel together and much more likely to stay together. Making memories, spending quality time, and having new adventures together is a time to cherish with your loved one. Read on to find out why a dreamy vacation at Constance Hotels & Resorts could be just the thing for your relationship. 

Disconnect From The Everyday

@rajbelandres @ninjarod at Constance Tsarabanjina

At Constance Hotels & Resorts you can truly disconnect from every day, allowing your focus to be solely on each other. Here, disconnecting means reconnecting. By turning off any distractions together you can rebuild intimacy within the relationship. 

Escape to the shores of Constance Tsarabanjina, and spend hours talking. Or head to the ocean hammocks at Constance Moofushi, and soak up each other’s company in the picturesque Indian Ocean. 

@rossina_k at Constance Lemuria

Time for Adventure

Sharing new experiences together has been described as one of the foundations of a healthy relationship, and Constance Hotels & Resorts offers a range of adventures for all to enjoy. 

Whether it is diving below to explore the magical marine life at Constance Ephelia, and marvel together at its beauty. Or maybe you would like to raise the adrenaline with an action-packed day of watersports at Constance Lemuria

When you engage in new experiences with your loved one, dopamine is released in your brain thus feelings of happiness, and the spark within the relationship is reignited. 

@hannahromao at Constance Halaveli

Romantic Moments

When couples regularly set aside times for dates, communication within the relationship is improved and as well as gratitude for each other. Every night of your vacation at Constance Hotels & Resorts you can indulge in a night oozing with romance. 

Enjoy a delicious dinner at Blue Penny Cellar, Constance Belle Mare Plage. Start intimate evenings watching the sunset from the beach at Constance Halaveli. You could even enjoy a cinematic experience on the sand. 

@Dwwanderess at Constance Belle Mare Plage

Surrender to Relaxation in Your Relationship

There is no better feeling than being completely and utterly relaxed. And being blissed out together has some incredible benefits. Lowering stress and anxiety, relaxing experiences such as a couples massage can release hormones that allow you to connect further on an emotional level. 

Constance Spa offers a haven to relax together, and a range of treatments to indulge in together. Think restorative and rejuvenating moments at Constance Prince Maurice spa, surrounded by the luscious Mauritian nature. How does that sound?

Come together as a couple at Constance Hotels & Resorts for an unforgettable and romantic trip that you will both treasure. Click here to see our current exclusive offers on escapes to the Maldives.

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