Three hot new hotel design trends for 2015

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Spa Villas at Constance Ephelia

Holisitc feel with Spa Villas at Constance Ephelia

Inspired by the changing attitude of travellers in 2015, here are three major design trends to watch out for in hotels for the year ahead.

1. Wellbeing interiors

Responding to a desire in travellers to receive a holistic wellbeing service that stretches beyond the spa, hotels in 2015 are beginning to include everything from fitness areas to yoga spaces in hotel rooms.

In the Spa Villas at Constance Ephelia this idea is incorporated in an in-villa treatment room and private pool as well as meditation and ‘calm’ zones for relaxation. While the Presidential Villas at Ephelia and Constance Lémuria include their own private spa.

2. A blurring of the line between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’

Bringing outside in with sandy floors at Constance Halaveli

Bringing outside in with sandy floors at Constance Halaveli

An increased use of vast glass windows in architecture to both increase natural light and provide a connection to the outside has led many hotels this year to blur the lines between inside and outside within their design.

Whether it’s taking fireplaces surrounded by comfy sofas outside or using reclaimed natural materials inside,the natural world is becoming part of a cutting-edge hotel’s design.

Of course, with the warm climate of the Indian Ocean, we’ve always made the beautiful environment of our island locations an integral part of our hotel design.

From the elegant high-rafted, open-sided palm thatched reception and restaurants at Le Prince Maurice to sandy-floored restaurants and bars at Halaveli, Moofushi and Tsarabanjina and outdoor bathrooms at Halaveli and Moofushi we’ve always worked hard to create buildings which merge naturally with the environment around us.

Authenticity captured in the water villas at Halaveli

Authenticity captured in the water villas at Halaveli

3. Authenticity is the new luxury

The modern traveller is looking for more than standard luxury accommodation, which looks the same in hotels all over the world, regardless of the destination. Today’s travellers want to immerse themselves in the culture of the place they are visiting and that is increasingly being reflected in room design.

From furnishings made by traditional local craft workers at Tsarabanjina to design inspired by the Mauritian spice trade at Le Prince Maurice and Water Villas shaped like traditional dhonis at Halaveli in Maldives, at Constance we have always embraced the cultures of our hotel locations and placed them at the centre of our design concepts.

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