Silence: the major luxury travel trend for 2015

Tranquil escapes at Constance Ephélia, Seychelles
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Imagine a place without the constant trilling of mobile phones, traffic noise, digital voices from TV and radio, even the incessant hum of background music.

Experience tranquility at Constance Tsarabanjina

Experience tranquility at Constance Tsarabanjina

According to leading lifestyle trend consultant, Karen Escalera, that’s the place most of us will be searching for in 2015. She describes the modern world as an ‘urban sensory assault’ which travellers will increasingly be looking to escape from.

Hotels designed as sanctuaries

At Constance we’ve designed our luxury hotels and resorts around this desire for peace and seclusion, creating areas of serene tranquillity set against the natural quiet of the Indian Ocean.

Peaceful moments are enhanced by beautiful water features, secluded seating areas and quiet paths, which wind their way through lush tropical gardens.

A haven within a haven

Let go of the modern world entirely at one of our U Spas. Separated from the rest of the hotel the U Spas have been created as oases of serenity where you can come and unwind in an ambience of quiet contemplation and indulge in a range of relaxing aromatherapy treatments tailored specifically to you.

Get away from it all

Where will you escape to for your slice of calm?

Where will you escape to for your slice of calm?

Finding time to yourself can be a challenge in the modern world but at Constance we know how important getting away from it all can be. Whether you choose to go alone or with someone special we can organise a range of private activities.

Enjoy the peace of meals served in a number of secluded locations from cliff tops to private beaches. Spend a day on your own island in the Maldives, wander local nature trails or take a sunset cruise on which the only sound you’ll hear will be the lapping waves of the Indian Ocean.

A villa of your own

Opt for a private villa with your own pool and garden and there’ll be no one to disturb you. Just tell the in-villa butler that you don’t want to be disturbed and then lie back and enjoy the peace and quiet. You can even indulge in some in-villa dining for a quiet evening in.

A total digital detox

At Constance Tsarabanjina you can escape the constant demands of 21st Century communication with a total digital detox. Leave your mobile phones, laptops and iPads in your suitcase and enjoy the digital silence which comes from only having wifi in the main hotel building.

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