The spa menu decoded: 3 most popular massages at Constance

View from the spa at Constance Halaveli
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Unsurprisingly perhaps, the most frequently requested massages at Constance Uspa are the ones that focus on relaxation. It fits with the holiday mood, that opportunity to let go of the day to day stress of life, and to find a deeper sense of calm or being in ‘another zone’ as our guests like to call it.

The top 3, available at our hotels and resorts across the Indian Ocean are:

  • Relax Massage – slow calming techniques to encourage deep relaxation of the nerves, muscles and help sleep
  • Balinese Massage – deep slow rhythmical techniques that relax the body while working deeply into the muscles, pressure points and stretching further increase the relaxation – an ideal all round deeply relaxing treatment
  • Uspa Signature Massage – customized techniques according to the therapist as they work on the guest, an intuitive massage where the therapist feels how the body responds to the massage and adjusts the technique according to the guest objective.

Massage at Constance Halaveli

So how do you decide which one is the right one for you?

We caught up with our Corporate Spa Manager Chase Webber to get some inside tips on what to consider when booking a massage.

What would you recommend for someone who hasn’t had a treatment before?

The Signature massage – it’s very focused on the guest and the therapist can take their time to customise the massage to the guest’s needs. This is the main reason we started to offer the Signature massage.

Spa at Constance Moofushi

Do you give any nutritional advice to guests?

We ask guests not to have a massage directly after eating. Afterwards we encourage them to relax, drink fresh water and let the essential oils permeate the body to take effect, so not to shower straight away.

Should any massages be taken at a specific time of day?

No, we listen to guests’ needs for treatments but they can be taken any time of day.

What oils or scents do you use in the room?

We have three massage oils: relax, rejuvenate and detox.

Massage at Constance Moofushi

What about skin types or injuries – do these effect massage types?

Skin type is important for facials but for massage it’s about working on the body, so it doesn’t matter. Every guest has a ‘spa experience card’ that they fill in, which asks them to disclose certain information, being pregnant or having specific injuries, for example. It also details objectives – what they are seeking from the treatment and preferences such as light pressure or relaxation.

What do guests find surprising or beneficial about treatments?

Guests describe our treatments as world-class and usually say that if they knew it was this good they would have come sooner.

Spa at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Do some guests have a few massages during their stay or from holiday to holiday?

We have a very active repeat business year to year, with guests often coming back, and many guests book before they arrive now. Many people now take our ‘Spa more, Smile more’ spa package which allows you to come back frequently to feel great and smile.

What spa trends are you noticing at the moment?

Spa is changing and has moved from this fad to that fad to it now maturing and going back to basics. Guests are generally aware of different treatments now and want a really well trained spa therapist who can work effectively to how the body responds and give a really good treatment.

Which treatment would you like to try?

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