The Interview: wellness at the heart of USpa

A view of the Halaveli Maldives Uspa
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Finding the right spa for you and choosing the best treatments to fit with where you are on your own personal journey to health and well-being is essential to getting the most from any spa experience.

At Constance USpa – available at all our hotels and resorts – we pride ourselves in offering the highest standards and choice of treatments.

Here, our assistant spa manager at Constance Halaveli, Ishan talks about our approach, and why our underlying ethos to partner in the wellness lives of our guests means we are able to genuinely contribute to your improved sense of wellbeing by the time you travel back home.

Ishan, assistant Uspa manager at Constance Halaveli

With spa experiences the world over – what makes USpa at Constance Halaveli an exceptional spa experience for guests?

USpa has a different way of touching guests’ lives. For us, it’s not just about massaging or taking some personal training or a reiki session. It’s all about gratitude, quality, satisfaction, extra mile service, and treating the guest as they are our family. It’s a family that needs our care, attention and most of all provides the luxury they need.

As a team, the way we work together contributes to the overall experience we offer our guests. It’s at our heart that we feel we can always work with the unity of all and love for each other.

How do you support guests to find the right treatments?

I like talking to our guests and recommending products or treatments that they need during their vacation. Many of our guests come to the spa during their holiday. At USpa we offer individual treatments or spa packages where you can select a few different beauty and body treatments including body scrubs and wraps, Balinese, Thai Shiatsu or Ayurvedic massages.

How does the destination enhance the spa experience?

I’ve been working at Constance Halaveli since 2011, and it’s my favourite place – the island represents its own service standard. It’s a paradise where the tranquility of the ocean and the setting makes people feel immediately more relaxed.

I would like to take this once in a life time opportunity to give thanks to the people who give their trust: to Mr. Dominik, Ms. Barbara, Ms.Marisol , All HOds, the Uspa Team and all Halavelians. To those who supported me, inspired and encouraged working more in this unforgettable paradise.

Find out more about Constance Halaveli, Uspa at Constance and take a look at the treatments available on your next holiday with us.

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