The Friday Recipe – Goan style shrimp kebabs with lemongrass

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What better way to kick off the weekend than getting together with friends and preparing a simple yet delicious recipe made with the freshest of ingredients.

We’re big fans of fusion cuisine, and the inspiration for this particular dish came from a trip to Goa.

Ingredients (serves 4):


– 8 large shrimps  – 8 lemongrass sticks  –  5g turmeric powder  –  10g cumin powder  –  10g garam masala  –  5g red chilli powder –  30ml olive oil  –  30ml lemon juice  –  Salt/pepper

·Peel the shrimp leaving only the tails, and store them.

·Mix all the spices together.

·Skewer the shrimp tails with lemongrass sticks.

·Sprinkle a little of the spice mixture over them and let them marinate in the fridge for 3 hours.

·Mix the olive oil and lemon juice and brush it over the shrimp tails.


– 100g green papayas  –  30g onions  –  40g cucumbers   –  60g tomato’s   –  10g herb mix (fresh coriander, chives etx.)  –  5g spice mix (green cardamom, cumin, coriander)  –  30ml lemon juice  –  4 poppadum’s

·Peel the green papaya, cucumber and onion and cut them into julienne strips.

·Wash the tomato, cut it into quarters, remove its seeds and slice this too into julienne strips.

·Mix the green papaya, onion, cucumber and tomato. Add lemon juice and the spice mixture. Stir it well.

·Toast the poppadum’s to make them crispy.

Finishing and presentation:

·Cook the shrimp kebabs on a grill.

·Place the vegetable salad on plates, add a few sprigs of herbs and finish off with crispy poppadum’s.

·Provide two kebabs per person.

Suggested wine:

A dry white – try a glass of  Guillaume Gros’  ‘À Contre Courant’ (2010 France) or Chablis Laroche (2010 France)

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