The Art Of Sushi

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Are you looking to create delicious sushi but simply don’t know where to begin? 

Then look no further, we have comprised a selection of delectable sushi recipes made by our genius chefs at Constance Hotels & Resorts.
And what better recipes to try than the ones from our sushi connoisseurs.
Sushi is not just a recipe, but an art, from Nigiri sushi to Maki, get ready to experience fireworks of flavour.

Nigiri Sushi Recipe

Nigiri sushi is a delicacy, originally invented in the 19th century by Hanya Yoshi who came up with the alternative idea of placing the fresh fish on top of an oblong-shaped rice ball. 

Today, Nigiri is now one of the most popular types of sushi available throughout the world. 

Known for its light delicate flavour, sushi is any fish lover’s dream with its perfect combination of freshness and flavour.

Head over to our recipe here and follow our easy, step by step Nigiri sushi recipe for you to try from the comfort of your own home. 

Meet The Chef

Chef Soorasena (below) is Constance Halaveli’s talented Chef.

Born in Sri Lanka, Chef Soorasena has been cooking up creative and delicious dishes in our Maldives resort for two years.

He started his journey as a chef in a small hotel in Sri Lanka. Then, 21 years later Soorasena has worked for six varieties of resorts. This has helped him develop his passion of cooking.

It’s safe to say that he is a creative connoisseur who knows how to present food in a way that would enhance its flavour, even before his dish reaches one’s taste buds.

Constance’s Sushi Recipes 

Japanese cuisine is so vast and never-ending unlike other renowned cuisines so the learning process never stops and carries on wherever we go

We will take you on a journey through the pleasures of traditional Japanese cuisine presented to you in a fresh and exciting way. Enjoy the moment from freshest sushi and sashimi in its traditional art form.

Why not try our California Roll recipe from Constance Prince Maurice or our Step By Step sushi recipe from Constance Ephelia, there is something for everyone.

Be prepared for your mouth to water and your taste buds to come alive.

Meet The Chef

Chef Lu Htet is Constance Ephelia’s chef, known for his eye for detail. Lu started his career at the Baiyoke Kandawgyi Institute. After completing his studies, Lu went to start his career at the Yangon hotel. Shortly after he then progressed onto Inn Yar lake hotel.

In 2008, Lu then went to complete the opening of spice Market by 2* Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten up until 2015.

Upon moving to Constance Ephelia, Lu made it his quest to use only the best quality sushi products. His cutting edge techniques enabled him to produce the best quality sushi and Japanese dishes. 

Maki Sushi 

You may be wondering, what is the difference between Maki and Sushi? Well, the difference is simple, it’s the shape.

Maki is a variety of Sushi that is circular in shape. While Sushi is one that can come in varying shapes. Both are the traditional dishes of Japan and one cannot miss them while talking about Japanese dishes.

The grilled seaweed rolled around vinegared rice will leave you in awe at its magnitude of flavour.

The recipe truly is one not to miss…

Meet The Chef 

Our Chef Raherivel Claude Wing Sheng has been working at Constance Tsarabanjina since 1995.

In 2008 he had a fantastic opportunity to work alongside the Chefs at Constance Belle Mare Plage and Constance Prince Maurice. 

His cuisine is a fusion between Malagasy cuisine and European cuisine with a variety of fresh local products such as fish and love to create dishes like sashimi, tuna carpaccio and raw fresh Malagasy vegetables. A touch of local spices but nothing that can hide the taste of his creation. 

For Chef Claude, it is really important to use local products for the freshness of his culinary delights.

At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we take pride in our talented and creative Chefs across all of our resorts and we hope their sushi recipes will inspire you. 

Have you made sushi before? Will you give these recipes a go?

Or if you fancy a sweet treat then try some of our valentines desserts.

Tell us in the comments below.

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