The Rejuvenate Massage: How to improve muscle condition and tone

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Experience the rejuvenate massage at Constance U Spa

Experience the rejuvenate massage at Constance U Spa

More than just helping us to unwind and relax, Dr Chase Webber, corporate spa manager at Constance, reveals how the science behind massage can make us feel more healthy and toned.

Revitalising your body

Stimulating massages like our Rejuvenate Massage use a fast-paced rhythmic speed to stimulate circulation in the muscles.

The friction warms the connective tissue in the muscles allowing better circulation and improving the delivery of nutrition and oxygen, as well as removing stagnant tissue fluids.

The massage also stimulates the nerves within the muscle helping to increase muscle tone and condition.

This type of Rejuvenate Massage is ideal for muscles that have been overworked through exercise or need to be prepared for sport. It is also an effective way of stimulating muscles for those who don’t have the time or inclination to tone and condition muscles through exercise.

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