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Constance Lémuria, Seychelles
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Whether you want to relax on an idyllic beach or get your adrenalin pumping on a jungle zipline ride, the Seychelles has plenty to offer.

Kayaking at Constance Ephélia, Seychelles

Kayaking at Constance Ephélia, Seychelles

While most people think of the Seychelles as the perfect beach destination, there’s more to this stunning Indian Ocean archipelago than lying in the sun. From scuba diving and hiking to rock climbing and big game fishing, a holiday to the Seychelles can be as laidback or active as you want.

Things to do

Explore the network of hiking trails that criss-cross the islands’ interiors. A walk through the ancient mist forests of Morne National Park or a trail through the palm forest of Praslin National Park will reward walkers with spectacular landscapes and views. A short hike like the one to the beautiful waterfalls at Port Glaud can offer the opportunity for some refreshing wild swimming.

Big game fishing
Feel the adrenalin of doing battle with one of the ocean’s great gladiators from the yellowfin tuna and blue marlin to wahoo, sailfish and barracuda.

Catamaran sailing
There’s no better way to explore the coastline of these beautiful islands than by boat. Discover hidden coves, deserted beaches and stunning landscapes while enjoying the freedom of skippering your own Hobie Cat or catamaran, available free of charge for guests at Constance Lémuria and Constance Ephélia.

Scuba diving
With its 6 national marine parks the Seychelles is an idyllic, year-round scuba diving destination. Explore an underwater world of dramatic granite coral reefs supporting a rich variety of marine life from reef sharks, humphead parrot fish, clown fish and lion fish to the graceful whale sharks and the endangered green and hawksbill turtles.

Constance Lémuria's extraordinary golf course

Constance Lémuria’s extraordinary golf course

Horse riding
Explore the stunning landscapes or just experience the exhilaration of galloping along a white sand beach.

Kayaking through a mangrove forest
Take a kayak tour through the stunning ancient mangrove forest surrounding Constance Ephélia.

Explore local markets
Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of local life in some of the many street markets in Seychelles. Take in the sights and sounds of the archipelago’s small capital at the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria or enjoy the laidback beach vibe, local crafts and street food on offer at Bazar Labrin on Beau Vallon beach, Mahé.

Swing your clubs on one of the world’s most breath-taking courses at Constance Lémuria, Praslin. The only 18-hole championship golf course in Seychelles, the dramatic Lémuria course is etched into Praslin’s mountainous landscape. Tee off beside the beautiful white sand beach and then climb from hole to hole in a series of terraced greens with spectacular views across the island and the ocean beyond.

Jungle zipline adventure
Climb the imposing granite rock faces at Constance Ephélia before descending over the canopies of ancient Jurassic forest on an adrenalin-pumping zipline. Varied climbing trails mean that kids from 6 can take on the challenge.

What to eat where

Constance Ephélia and Constance Lémuria offer a range of dining options from Creole beach grills to fine dining European-style cuisine with a Seychellois twist but why not also seize the opportunity to try out some of the delicious local cuisine.

A table with a view

A table with a view

Authentic Creole food at Marie-Antoinette, Victoria, Mahé
Set in a 19th century colonial mansion, the vibe here is authentic Creole so take the chance to sample the traditional bat curry.

Local street food
The local markets provide the perfect place to soak up the island culture and try out the delicious Seychellois street food from grilled fish to fried bread fruit.

Seychellois fast food
Lai Lam Food Shop, Benezet Street, Victoria is the perfect place to grab a quick bite while exploring the capital. Fast food Seychellois-style includes Creole curries, roast chicken and rotis.

A table with a view
For one of the most spectacular dining options book a table at the outdoor Creole restaurant at Le Jardin du Roi Spice Garden. A working spice plantation the small outdoor restaurant set in the hills above the beautiful Anse Royale offers 360º views across Mahé and ocean.

Things to see

Take time away from lounging on a sunbed to explore some of the beautiful sights of the Seychelles.

Morne Blanc, Mahé
Take the trail through the mist forests to this peak with stunning island views.

Cousin Island Nature Reserve
Rich with endemic wildlife Cousin Island is a mecca for bird watchers who come to catch a glimpse of the Seychelles magpie robin, the Seychelles sunbird, the Seychelles fody as well as the 300,000 seabirds who nest here each year.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallée de Mai
One of the few places on earth where you can experience a natural palm forest preserved in almost its original state the Vallée de Mai on Praslin is also home to the iconic coco de mer.

Beautiful beaches of the Seychelles: Anse Georgette

Beautiful beaches of the Seychelles: Anse Georgette

Curieuse Island
Feed giant tortoises roaming free across the island, take a guided tour through an ancient mangrove forest and discover the breeding grounds of the rare hawksbill and green sea turtles.

Best beaches

There are so many beautiful, secluded beaches to discover in Seychelles that picking the best is always going to be a matter of personal choice, but here are some of our favourites.

Anse Lazio, Praslin
Recently voted as one of Tripadvisor’s Top 10 Beaches in the World, Anse Lazio is a perfect example of Seychelles’ powder white sand and clear, calm waters.

Anse Georgette, Praslin
Just along the coast from Anse Lazio is the secluded Anse Georgette, a perfect white sand bay protected by iconic Seychellois granite boulders. Only accessible by foot through the Constance Lémuria golf course this is a secluded gem.

Anse Beau Vallon, Mahé
If you’re looking for a little more action and a beach bar vibe then head to Beau Vallon on Mahé with its bars, cafes and water sports.

Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue
Reportedly the most photographed beach in Seychelles this picture perfect beach on the sleepy island of La Digue is well worth a day trip.

Port Launay, Mahé
Set beside the Port Launay National Marine Park this beach is the perfect spot from which swimmers, kayakers and snorkelers can explore the rich marine life the Marine Park protects.

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