The Sunday Telegraph discovers wildlife & luxury in Mauritius

Luxury in Mauritius
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John Gimlette of The Sunday Telegraph went looking for the ‘wild Mauritius’ and found Constance Le Prince Maurice ‘delicately inserted’ into the island’s picturesque landscape.

The grand entry-way of Le Prince Maurice

Having explored the rugged, mountainous interior of the island, ‘only the size of Surrey, it has the ambition of the Alps,’ Gimlette and his family ended their holiday at Le Prince Maurice.

Between the boulders

‘Somehow our hotel, the Prince Maurice, had been delicately inserted between the boulders and an absurdly picturesque lagoon,’ describes Gimlette. ‘It was all beautifully built out of teak and stone and infinity pools, and my entire street back home would have fitted in the lobby. I’ve never known a place so grand, and yet so reassuringly down to earth.’

He also describes it as, ‘just right for our last forays in to the country,’ venturing out on bicycle to discover the local wildlife and people of Mauritius.

For bicycles or any other special request before you arrive at Constance Le Prince Maurice visit our online concierge.

Read more about John Gimlette’s Mauritius wildlife holiday on The Telegraph website.

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