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Anyone who’s familiar with Constance will know that culinary excellence is a philosophy everyone embraces here. However, what many people don’t know is just how much Constance nurtures local talent, helping to support ambitious local chefs to succeed.  One outstanding example at Constance is young chef de partie, Hildy Sinon, who was born in Seychelles, studied for two years in the Culinary School of Seychelles and has worked for the past 12 years at Constance Lémuria, Seychelles.

Hildy Sinon is a young up and coming chef at Constance

Hildy Sinon has already won various culinary contests locally and regionally but this year she represented her country and Constance at the prestigious 11th Bernard Loiseau culinary festival (FCBL) at the Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius. The festival gives local chefs and Michelin starred chefs the opportunity to showcase their skills together.

We caught up with Hildy this week to get an insider’s view on what she enjoys about breaking new culinary ground.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy seeing the organisation at work, training others to be on my level, delegating my work on time and being prepared for a good service. My role is important because I need to show a good example and be a leader to my colleagues.

What’s the key to performing your role well?

In this role I need to be passionate, creative, be reliable and persevere but most of all be responsible and have confidence in my job.

Hildy Sinon has already competed in local and regional competitions

Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement in FCBL this year?

I started FCBL when I was very young. This competition has pushed me to interact with other chefs around the world, especially Michelin Star Chefs who give me more of their knowledge of cooking. This has involved me and helped me to move forward in my career – to get excited everyday to learn more, to know more. The competition has three steps each year I participate in and it helps me to rectify my mistakes in the next competition and to go on to a higher level.

What do you enjoy the most?

Cooking and sharing ideas with the Chef and practising together.

What’s new at Constance that you really like?

There’s a new menu the kitchen has just implemented. I’m very excited and enthusiastic to know them all and the different plating and new concepts of the restaurants.

How do you enjoy your time outside your role?

I enjoy going out dinner in other restaurant and relaxing. I enjoy good music, movies and I also like reading.

Would you like to sample some delicious local cooking from Hildy Sinon?

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