How Constance Lemuria Strives Towards Sustainability

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At Constance Lemuria, we take great pride in making conscious steps towards becoming environmentally friendly and striving towards sustainability.

We’re blessed to be surrounded by stunning scenery, soft white sand, crystal clear water and unforgettable ocean life. So, the importance of protecting the natural beauty of our local area is unrivalled. 

Since 2013 we have committed ourselves towards sustainable development, and as a result, launched an environmental sustainability performance programme. This was designed to strengthen our commitment to the people and prosperity of our different locations: The Green Globe Certification.

Through our on-going dedication, we ensure to deliver the best level of customer service whilst keeping our environment clean and sustainable. 

Here are some of the eco-measures we have implemented at Constance Lemuria and the best sustainable practices to become an eco-luxury hotel.

Your Very Own Lemuria Passport

Upon arrival, each guest is provided with their very own passport. It includes a list of local plants, fruits and animals that they can encounter around the resort and in Seychelles.  

We believe that this is a thoughtful and unique way for our guests to educate themselves on the beautiful nature that Seychelles exhibits. 

From blue pigeons to Koko turtle doves (below), the wonderful, simple pleasure of wildlife is a sight to behold at Constance Lemuria

Wetlands Management At Constance Lemuria Helping Improve Sustainability

At Constance Lemuria we aim to improve the management of biodiversity and improve sustainability within the resort and the surrounding areas. This is done by enhancing the collaboration between the hotel and community partners. 

Guests and community members, including the next generation of locals, are regularly invited for planting activities in the mangroves next to our Presidential Villa

This activity provides a chance for our guests to immerse themselves in the simple pleasures of caring for nature. 

Monitoring Turtles On Praslin Island

Grande Anse Kerlan at Constance Lemuria in Seychelles remains the number one beach on Praslin Island. 

Here, guests can find the turtle conservation program. The turtle conservation is run by Mr Robert Matombe who received guidance from the renowned scientist Dr Jeanne Mortimer.

The eco-kiosk at Constance Lemuria is open during the day so that our guests can visit and learn more about the flora and fauna of Seychelles. 

Have you been there ?

Available on request, you can also enjoy a talk with Robert and a guided tour. Here our resident expert enjoys sharing his knowledge on these beautiful creatures. 

Certifications That We Are Proud Of

At Constance Hotels & Resorts we love the simple beauty of nature.

Below are two awards that we are proud to share about:

  • Green Globe Certification since 2013. Gold member since 2018. 

The Green Globe’s International Standard for Sustainable Tourism was the first standard developed over 20 years ago. Today Green Globe’s Standard is recognised as the highest level of sustainability certification by leaders in green travel and responsible eco-tourism.

The Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label is a sustainable tourism management and certification programme designed specifically for use in Seychelles. This certification is provided to hotels which incorporate sustainable practices into their business operations. This helps to safeguard the biodiversity and culture of Seychelles.

Thanks to the ongoing effort and passion of each and every one of our team members, we’re extremely honoured to showcase what we have achieved over the last eight years, and how we’ve put our environmental values to the forefront in everything we do. 

Everyday we are thinking of new, innovative ways to ensure Constance Lemuria becomes even more sustainable. 

Eco Activities At Constance Kids Club & Raising Awareness Of Sustainability

At Constance Lemuria, children can enjoy a free visit to Vallee de Mai. Here they can immerse themselves in educational, environmental activities.  

Here there are recycling and planting activities whereby children can learn about the plants in the botanical garden. 

There is the chance to feed tortoises and participate in the baby turtles release with Robert our Turtles Manager. This will leave children in awe at the wonderful simplicity and happiness nature can bring. 

Through dedication and hard work, we are delighted to share what we have achieved so far. This is only the beginning for Constance Hotels & Resorts, and we look forward to becoming one step closer to being more sustainable every day.

Find out more on our sustainable development here.

What steps are you taking to becoming more sustainable? Are you planning on staying at Constance Lemuria?

Tell us in the comments below.

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