Sustainable Development

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At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we are blessed to be surrounded by soft white sand, crystal clear water and unrivalled ocean life. In an attempt to preserve its beauty, we committed ourselves towards sustainable development since 2013.

And we have been awarded a Gold member of the Green Globe certification!

What are we doing to protect our #TrueIndianOcean?  Keep reading to find out how we do this!

Environmental Awareness

Constance Prince Maurice Coastal Directory

We strongly believe that education is essential for enabling and promoting sustainability. 

Throughout the year,  we run workshops for the little ones and training days to maintain awareness among our team members and guests – focusing on environmental issues and the preservation of local cultures towards a sustainable world.

To further encourage our guests to explore our natural environment, we offer free guides to them. These guides are all about wildlife and sustainable development at Constance Hotels.

Don’t forget to grab your guide when you visit!

👉Did know that Constance Prince Maurice is surrounded by a large mangrove forest & a protected fish sanctuary?

Energy, Water & Waste

Constance Moofushi Maldives beach view
Constance Moofushi Maldives

Reducing the amount of energy we use is a priority, that’s why we use energy-efficient equipment and low energy appliances. 

Mindful of conserving water, we have installed sensors, regulators and other water-saving devices. 

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by a beautiful blue lagoon. To preserve this, our staff often practice the desalination of seawater. This removes dissolved minerals from seawater, making it safe for us to drink!

Go Green!

Recycled Products at Constance Halaveli

Throughout our resorts, we have carefully curated an eco-friendly collection of products that we use and provide for our guests. We say no to plastic bags!

We often buy our products in bulk, helping to reduce packaging waste. Consciously favouring eco-friendly and power-efficient products has always been our motto.

In our opinion, these are the small steps that make a big difference to help reduce our resorts’ waste.

Destination Protection

Sustainable Souvenirs

Whether it’s food, spa or entertainment, we like to promote the incredible local offerings that are on our doorstep. 

Nurturing nature and islands’ cultural values help our resorts be more sustainable. It further allows our guests to experience an authentic local experience.

Even in our gift shop, you can find locally made and eco-friendly souvenirs to remember your time with us.

Marine Life Conservation

Manta Rays in the Indian oCEAN
Manta Rays in the Indian Ocean

We love being surrounded by some of the world’s most unique ocean life. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect it. 😊

As such, we practice coral planting.
Coral planting provides areas for marine organisms to grow and for reef fish to seek refuge.
Alongside this, both staff and guests are encouraged to clean-up the marine coastal environment.

We like to keep the true Indian Ocean the beautiful destination that it is.

Next time, you are sojourning in one of our hotels in the Maldives, do have a look!

Coral scaper frame at Constance Moofushi Maldives
A coral frame at Constance Moofushi

Brilliant Biodiversity

Harvested Ingredients

The flora and wildlife surrounding the Indian Ocean is unique and has a rich tropical biodiversity. In an effort to promote more biodiversity, we use organic fertilisers, which are all-natural, helping reduce the amount of excess chemicals in the land. We are also mindful of the products we buy and bring into our different resorts. 

We have implemented practical eco measures to preserve our hotels’ locations for our future generations and a greener tomorrow. 🌴😊
Why not come and see for yourselves?

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