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We ask Chef Pravind Jugun from Constance Prince Maurice all about Mauritian food, its heritage and how to achieve recreating traditional dishes that are packed full of flavour. You will be taken on a foodie tour of Mauritius discovering all about the mouthwatering cuisine served at our 5-star restaurants in Mauritius. 

Get ready to absorb yourself in the world of Mauritian food and find out more about the delectable recipes created by our talented Chefs at Constance Prince Maurice…

Locally Inspired Dishes At Constance Prince Maurice

There is a great range of locally inspired dishes in Mauritius, from seafood-based dishes to delectable curries and divine vegetarian dishes.

Below are just a few traditional, locally inspired dishes:

  • Seafood salad with onion, tomato, coriander and chilli
  • Mauritian style fish salad with coconut, lemon and herbs
  • Octopus salad with peppers, onions, lemon and coriander  
  • Fish curry with eggplant and chilli bites, garnishes and accompaniments

Want to try these recipes with us? Then take a tour and visit our Archipel restaurant in Mauritius and be prepared to taste outstanding flavours that you will savour forever.

Here’s what we’ve picked for you: Chicken and prawn curry Mauritian style

Recipe for 4 people.


800g     chicken thigh (without bone and skin – 4pcs)

200g     prawns (peeled and headed)

30ml     oil

25g     curry powder mild

5g      turmeric powder

2tsp      crushed garlic

2tsp      crushed ginger

4g thyme

1stack   parsley

10g chopped coriander 

10pcs    curry leaf

200g    diced tomatoes

100g   onions

4g      salt

2g pepper

Ensure to add water/ chicken stock to wet the chicken curry.


  • Marinate chicken with curry powder and turmeric,  add half  of the oil, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper
  • Chop coriander, thyme, parsley and curry leaves 
  • Sweat onions in a preheated pan until golden brown, add marinated chicken and then sauté well for 4- 5 minutes
  • Add diced tomatoes to chicken and let it cook for 10minutes. Stir in a little bit of water or chicken stock and cook until the sauce is thick enough and well coated to the chicken
  • Add coconut milk and prawns and cook for 3 more minutes
  • Add the rest of the chopped coriander 
  • Check seasoning

TIP: “Always add the prawns together with the coconut milk to avoid overcooking”

How Would You Describe Mauritian Cuisine? 

Mauritius has a rich and diverse culture and it is normal for the same to be reflected in its cuisine. 

Mauritian cuisine has been strongly influenced by the multicultural residents—creole, Chinese, Indians and Europeans (French, English and others). But more often it is referred to as the mix of creole and Indian cuisine. 

Consequently, you will find curries, Daube, Rougaille, Vindaye and Kalia, a variety of chutneys and pickles, Farata, Dholl Puris and plain boil rice to accompany these dishes. 

On the other hand, stir-fried rice noodles, sautéed seafood, meat and dim sum are the most popular Asian dishes which can easily be found in most of the local restaurants here in Mauritius.

List The 3 Most Important Spices Necessary For Any Mauritian Food

  • Cumin seeds
  • Coriander seeds
  • Turmeric

Which Mauritian Food Would You Recommend On Your Restaurant Menu And Why?

Try any of the curries as they are all surprising in their taste and colour and most importantly they are served with different garnishes and accompaniments which compliment the main dish. You can taste these divine flavours at our breathtaking Archipel Restaurant at Constance Prince Maurice.

Do You Think The Mauritian Cuisine Is Worth Travelling For?

Mauritian cuisine is worth travelling for, with its wide variety of dishes and flavours there is nothing quite like it. What makes Mauritian cuisine so special is the fact that there is something for everyone, from spice-infused curries to delectable fish dishes. Mauritian dishes will ignite your tastebuds and the flavours will stay with you forever.

Are There Any Activities Offered At The Hotel For Those Who Wish To Improve Their Culinary Skills?

We propose culinary classes to our guests in a guided way, ensuring that they can create their very own chicken and prawn curry. 

Have you ever tasted Mauritian food before?

Tell us in the comments below.

Or why not give another blog a read and find out about cheese at wine paring at Constance Prince Maurice.

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