Family adventures in Mauritius

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Take a day away from beaches and 5* luxury to immerse yourself and your family in an action adventure set deep in the Mauritian jungle.

Explore the lush jungle on your next family adventure in Mauritius

Explore the lush jungle on your next family adventure in Mauritius

Persuading the kids to leave the iPad and phone behind can be a tough ask these days, but in Mauritius before they’ve had the chance to utter those hateful words, I’m bored, they’ll be deep in the jungle crossing rope bridges, ziplinging over treetops and swimming in natural pools.

There are so many exhilarating outdoor activities based in the verdant, mountainous natural parks of Mauritius that even the most apathetic teenager will be hard pressed not to get involved.

Live in the moment

A family adventure can be a great fun way for all ages to forget about their own separate interests and worries and reconnect as a group.

Let your sometimes sullen teen lead the way and discover hidden paths, treetop tracks, Nepalese bridges and knotted ropes and before long you’ll all tap into that exhilarating childhood sense of adventure and wonder.

Thrill seekers

Whether you want to zipline over treetops, waterfalls and plantations or try canyoning, or ‘Go Ape’ style treetop walking there’s masses to do in Mauritius.

Discover the hidden gems of Mauritius on your jungle hike

Discover the hidden gems of Mauritius on your jungle hike

Bold explorers

If you want to get even further off the beaten track and explore on your own there are a wide variety of hiking trails for all levels spanning Mauritius’ three mountain ranges and many nature parks.

  • Black River Peak – hike the relatively easy trail through lush forest to one of Mauritius’ highest peaks and be rewarded with stunning views of the island.
  • Hike and swim in natural pools with a walk to the breath-taking Tamarind Falls
  • For a bit of high octane hiking adventure try a river trek which involves sliding down rocks, canyoning, hiking and swimming all rolled into one.

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    Jennifer Martin
    May 12, 2016 at 10:06 am

    I do believe that Mauritius is the perfect place to spend a adventure trip with your family & friends. I had my first experience of adventure sport in form of zip line adventure over the Neemrana fort Palace which I had a 2 hour experience of 5 zip line with 1250m of flight. Just loved it.

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      Constance Hotels
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      Wow, that sounds great. Thanks so much for sharing. We agree that if you’re into adventure Mauritius is a great destination to explore.

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