Where to stay at Constance: Moofushi

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‘No news. No shoes.’ The sign that greets guests when they first arrive at Constance Moofushi perfectly describes the appeal of this exquisite resort set in the South Ari Atoll of the Maldives.

Since it first opened, Moofushi has been a sell-out success. Set on its own secluded island, the resort exemplifies barefoot chic. We rewrote the rule book on all-inclusives when we introduced the Cristal Package where everything that’s included is of the finest quality, and no compromises have been made in providing guests an exceptional luxury experience.

Accommodation at Moofushi

Accommodation comes in the shape of beach and water villas, as well as the sumptuous senior water villas that offer more space.

Activities at Moofushi

No visit to Moofushi would be complete without snorkelling. Set by one of the best diving sites in the world, this is also the perfect spot to try your hand at scuba diving for the first time. For the seasoned diver, you can explore the 32 major dive sites on offer, all with an abundance of marine life. Night dives are a particular favourite here.

For many guests, though, it’s the chance to totally switch off from the real world that really appeals about Moofushi. Digital detoxing has become a bit of a thing in recent years with time starved, tech-overloaded guests arriving in need to some down-time to restore their equilibrium. And this is the place to do this. The resort offers the perfect combination of luxury and simplicity – whether you choose to while away the hours relaxing in your villa, by the pool or to head over to the spa for treatments at Uspa by Constance.

By night, the very popular Cinefushi – watching a film under the stars with popcorn and just your loved one for company – is a must-do while at Moofushi. Feast on the freshest seafood at the sand floor restaurant or enjoy an early evening cocktail at the beautiful bar set on the beach as the sun goes down.

How about the incomparable experience of wine tasting at Moofushi? Here you can wade into the warm shallows, with baby sharks swimming around your feet, and try some of the most delicious wines in the world – an unforgettable way to leave the world’s worries behind.

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