6 Things to Tick off Your 2019 Bucket List

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It’s almost the New Year! We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating and are excited for the fresh year ahead of us. If you’re planning your next bucket list for 2019, we’ll be happy to help you out! Read on for our top six things to add to your 2019 bucket list. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

1. Visit the Cascade Sauzier Waterfall

2019 is the year for new, exciting activities, one of them being to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls the Seychelles has to offer; Cascade Sauzier. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure to tick off your bucket list, this is definitely one of them! Located in the mountains, beginning upon a wooden path, visitors will slowly make their way up the rural mountain, spotting red rock crabs and fragrant cinnamon trees, leading to the beautiful Sauzier waterfall. Feel free to take the plunge and jump in! If you plan on ticking off this waterfall on your bucket list, join us on a guided tour of Cascade Sauzier with Constance Ephelia.

Exciting new events are being planned for 2019 at Constance Ephelia, are you tempted?

2. Luxury Sunday Brunch in Paradise

 Have you ever had luxurious and overseas Sunday brunch? We love a traditional Sunday lunch, getting family and friends together for a catch-up and a glorious spread. In the Seychelles, a typical Sunday brunch is filled with Mediterranean cuisine, ranging from: seafood, meat and indulgent treats. Can you imagine a glorious lunch with an incredible view of the ocean, a beautiful warm temperature – and sunshine? We sure can! 2018 was a busy year, so why not tick off a lavish Sunday brunch off your bucket list year with a Champagne Sunday Brunch at Constance Ephelia.

Indulge in an exciting, tropical afternoon brunch with Constance Hotels & Resort

3. Twilight Dive in the Maldives

The Indian Ocean is one of the most beautiful places to dive (we’re not bragging, honestly), full of tropical sea creatures, coral reefs, and much more! Due to the tropical climate, the water temperature never drops below 22 degrees; making a perfect dive all-year round! Who wouldn’t want to swim with the fishes under the star? We sure want to! If you’re dreaming of ticking diving off your bucket list, then push the boat out with our twilight dive at Constance Halaveli! For more information on the best places to dive in the Indian Ocean, click here.

 Discover the beautiful underwater world under the stars with Constance Hotels & Resorts

 4. Golf Like a Pro

It’s safe to say, golf is a great spot. Amateurs and professionals alike, wouldn’t it be lovely to visit a golf course in the tropics? The Seychelles is home to an exciting golf course, and has had the finest senior golfers from across the world compete in a professional tournament in the Seychelles. It’s practically a dream come true for any budding golf enthusiast! Wouldn’t you love to get a hole in one on the same ground that professional golfers have once attempted? If you want to tick tropical golfing off your bucket list, then check out the golf course at Constance Lemuria.

5. Climb a Mountain in Mauritius

Mauritius is home to beautiful, natural landscapes. If you’ve always wanted to climb a mountain, tick it off your list this year by climbing Le Morne Brabant Mountain! The mountain is listed as one of UNESCO’s Heritage Site due to its incredible history, so this is definitely a place to visit! Invest in some durable hiking boots, as the total length of the hike is 7KM, the average duration being 3-4 hours; an exciting day-trip. It’s also important to note Le Morne Brabant has its own unique micro-climate, meaning the weather can change at any point during your exploration. If you’ve ever wanted to climb a mountain with breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean, we highly recommend visiting Le Morne Brabant.

Trek Le Morne Brabant Mountain in Mauritius

The year of 2018 is almost behind us, and our mantra is: if you missed out on any bucket list opportunities last year, now is the time to tick em’ off! From twilight dives to the traditional Swahili cuisine, there’s plenty of things you can tick off that 2019 bucket list!

See You Soon!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of incredible opportunities and experiences you can add to your bucket list, will we be seeing you at one of our resorts in the new year? Let us know in the comments below!

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